Output "No Change" but it does change.

Raymond Day

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Using a .TiVo video I got from a HD TV. Off a none HD channel. It plays in Windows media player at 704 by 528 after I save it out to a .mpg using VideoReDo it goes to 640 by 480 and in saving all is set to "No Change" why don't it save out the same as the .TiVo?

Or is this the right way to save it, the .TiVo is over scan or something?

I did a test on a HD one a wile ago and it is 1920 by 1080 From what I remember when I tested it.

-Raymond Day


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Windows Media Player is using different filters for .tivo files and .mpg files. If you have the TiVo Desktop Plus upgrade then the TiVo source filter (the one that decrypts the file) forces WMP to use a very specific set of filters to play .tivo files. However when playing a standard .mpg file WMP chooses which ever filters installed on your system have the highest merit value.* This is most likely what is causing the displayed resolution value in WMP to change. If it's a non-HD digital channel then it's most likely 704x480 @ 4:3 aspect. The TiVo filters must be using the horizontal resolution to calculate the display size based on the aspect ratio (i.e. 704/4*3 = 528) while the filter chosen by WMP for .mpg files are using the vertical resolution (i.e. 480/3*4 = 640). Technically the second method is the correct way, but either way should produce OK picture quality. If you want to know the true resolution of each file, and not just the display resolution then open each files in VRD and press Ctrl+L. That's show the true encoded resolution for each file, which I'm sure will be identical.


* I know that might sound like gibberish, but it's how DirectShow, the technology behind WMP, works.


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Dan is correct, but can't you simply resize the windows media player window to get a larger image? Also, try saving your .tivo files back to a .tivo format. This writes the tivo header back on the file which may trigger the larger size.
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