Picture Breaking up

I have had quite a few programs that I recorded on my PVR where the picture have broken an awful lot.

I have opened them in VideoReDo and ran the quick stream fix but the result of this usually ends up saying that thousands of fames have been dropped, which means that the files are still unplayable.

Is there anything else within VideoReDo that I can look at or is it using than getting antenna looked at and getting another antenna amplifier or using other software?

Thanks in advance


My sympathy to you, Phototaker, as I have the same problem.

Unfortunately I doubt that any software can fix it. You need to find the root cause.

In my case, the PVR seemed OK when tested on a different aerial, so I spent half of yesterday crawling among the cobwebs in my attic to check my attic-mounted aerial and connections.

I found a couple of coaxial connectors that had somehow loosened. After I fixed them the TV reported full signal strength. The PVR seemed happier too, but it must be borderline because today the PVR has teased me again.

Not sure what to blame. Deeper investigation needed, such as check the PVR's hard disk connectors (already replaced once).

( Lighthearted footnote: This first surfaced when I tried to record Armageddon and it broke QSF. I had also recorded Armageddon again yesterday. No connection suggested of course!)
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