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Bit of a newbie to VideoReDo, so I'm playing around with a trial version of the TV Suite. Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, but I suspect this is a question relevant to all versions.

My plan is to take the .ts files from my Humax HDR-Fox T2 (Peppa Pig for my 2 year old!) and burn to a DVD. I can see from the How-To guides how to edit and get multiple titles onto one DVD and how to set it so that you create a menu to enable selection of individual titles. I can also see there's an option to return to the main menu after playing a single title.

However, is there a way to set up a button to give you the option to play all titles in sequence (as you would do on a bought DVD) as well as being able to select individual titles?

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It's an either/or option.

You can set it to Play Next Title, then interrupt via the Menu button on your remote to return to the main menu if desired.

For simplicity with kids, I set Auto play and play next title so once they master inserting the DVD, the rest will occur automagically.


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Thanks for that. Bit of a shame that it doesn't seem possible (discovered the feature request thread after I'd posted!).

Are there any other authoring packages that can do the play all button?



I used to use DVD Labs Pro back before VRD had authoring, and made hundreds of DVDs with it.
Never looked for that specific feature, but it'll do 'bout everything.
If you have the time to learn.
Another problem is, you pay to play.
It was around $250 a few years ago, but I haven't looked lately.
And of course, I used VRD to prepare all the source material for it. ;)
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