Please increase the audio sync delay to more than 1000


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hey guys sometimes i try to do some tv show dub in other language but the audio sometimes is soo bad that is above 1000 of delay, am talking about 2500+

so currently for me to be able to fix it i cut the section, add it to the joiner try to do the audiosync but if the audio is very bad then i have to export the video and readded back just to be able to audio sync more.

please increase audiosync to like 3000 or 5000 if possilbe.
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"Shift + "Tools>Options">#7(Max Msec for audio sync adjustment)

You can go too far with this and have problems.


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Be careful. If you adjust it too much it can cause buffer over flows in the code and the whole output will crash.

Best to use QSF to make bigger adjustments as we use 4x sized buffers when in QSF mode.
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