Premiere - Update causes info to be missing?


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With the latest (major??) update to the premiere, it would appear that metadata on edited Tivo files is now missing.

Used to be, transfer file from Tivo to PC, strip the garbage out, save it as a .tivo file, and all necessary data (season, episode, etc, etc, etc) remained intact. They also would be grouped when using the HDUI.

It looks like they've restructured things a bit, though, as the shows are not grouped together, season information is 'forgotten', all other information (actors, etc) except the actual show description seems to be missing, or misplaced.

Any plans to get this working again? I know it's just a minor thing, but when you're going through weeks of shows at a time (I get behind sometimes), those groups help, and it REALLY helps me to know what season/episode it's on.


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Look for a post about this on Tivo Community Forums. I am pretty sure that it is a Tivo-side issue (not sending metadata on download), not an issue with metadata modification. There is a post on there (and possibly on pytivo forums) on some troubleshooting done to figure it out.


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We don't actually touch the metadata on .tivo files. In fact we can't because it's encrypted. All we do is copy the header, byte by byte, from the source file to the output file. If the data isn't showing on the TiVo then it's either a TiVo Desktop problem or a problem with the software on the Premiere itself.

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