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I've got a request I just thought of while doing some editing and saving files in VideoRedo TVSuite.

You know when you output a video to save and after it is complete it tells you X number of bad video frames (or audio) dropped in the output file? It would be awesome if after saying OK and you go back to the program interface if those places where frames were dropped or left out of your recent output save would now be flagged on the source timeline with like purple or orange (or any unused color) flags similar to scene marks?

I thought this would be the most helpful feature ever created if this could be done. You could maybe turn the behavior on or off in the settings or something and even save their positions in your current Project File. Is this even possible? That would be awesome. I would be willing for to wait if it took longer to process the file because of it. Thanks for listening.


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This has been a previously requested feature that frankly we never got around to implementing. I've added it back to the development list. Hopefully we can do something with it. My main question is do you want to see the source video where the frames are dropped or the saved video?


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I would prefer the source. So you save a video from a source you were editing, it detects frame errors during the save and then have them flagged in the source when you go back to the source editor you were just editing - if that makes sense.
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