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An anonymous person asked me via the guestbook if I could support .TS streams in my TTSubripper program.
Well, I 'm not sure.
In order to do so I 'd need access to .TS videos with subtitles in them, and at this point in time I only have analogue TV.
But to the person who asked me this, you might want to try with ProjectX, which should do the job fine, although the product seems rather complicated to use.


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I can provide you with .ts files with subtitles if u need them..
Is this program of yours a standalone or a plugin for Videoredo? :)


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I can provide you with .ts files with subtitles if u need them..
Is this program of yours a standalone or a plugin for Videoredo? :)
It 's a standalone thingy, for now it only works when starting with DVR-MS files.
I believe that for DVB-T things would be totally different, because :

1) Mediacenter does not save them (borrowed a USB stick from a friend to test this).
So even though I always specify that my program captures analogue PAL subtitles only from DVR-MS files, actually there are no others.
In the US, they are called closed captions and totally different.
And for DVB-T MS ignores that stream.

2) The reason I could so easily rip them is because MS already converted them to another format in the DVR-MS stream.
For DVB-T they will probably be in a totally illegible format.

However, if you would like to provide me a 1 minute sample in which there are subtitles, please upload it somewhere on a public server, and I will just test my program, though I doubt it will find anything in it.
But if we don't test it, we'll never know of course.


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Uploaded a one-minute sample captured from National Geographic Channel
There are atleast 3 subtitles streams in the file:
Swedish in txt page: 691
Norwegian in txt page:692
Danish in txt page: 693
And I think there are dutch sutitles too somewhere :) Good luck :)
I 'm afraid it doesn't work.
First problem I had was playing back .TS files.
Eventually I used HDTV pump, and there I was able to playback the files.
When rendering a TS file in Graphedit, it splits it into an audio and a video stream.
There is no separate subtitle stream, like I had with PAL analogue TT subtitles in DVR-MS files.
So either the subtitles are still somewhere within the audio or video part, or the demultiplexer is unable to handle them, and therefore discards them.

I then tried with ProjectX, which is also freeware, and there I was able to demultiplex the files, and by specifying the Teletext pages you mentioned I could easily get the Swedish subtitles in an SRT file.
Colour information seems to be lost though, but maybe I overlooked an option (see below).

00:00:00,393 --> 00:00:05,913
Mordvapnet hittades aldrig,
så Vernells vittnesmål är avgörande.

00:00:07,253 --> 00:00:12,993
Fem dagar senare visade fängelse-
chefen ett foto på en gängmedlem-

00:00:13,073 --> 00:00:15,293
-utanför fängelsemurarna.

00:00:15,393 --> 00:00:21,833
Han sa att han ska komma hit
från Oregon för att attackera dig-

00:00:21,893 --> 00:00:26,233
-för att du är huvudvittne
i mordfallet.

00:00:26,313 --> 00:00:31,273
Vernell lämnade genast fängelset
med en beväpnad eskort.

00:00:31,353 --> 00:00:36,313
Det första jag tänkte på
var min familj.

00:00:36,373 --> 00:00:41,153
Jag var mycket orolig för dem
för de var försvarslösa.

00:00:41,233 --> 00:00:46,513
I tre veckor var Vernell och
hans familj gömda i ett säkert hus.

00:00:46,573 --> 00:00:50,073
De stod under dygnetruntbevakning.

00:00:50,153 --> 00:00:54,913
Man kunde inte bekräfta
att hotet var äkta-

So, I don't know, should I really spend time developing something that 's already been done ?
What I 'm writing is freeware, so I 'm not in it for the money.
There's another piece of freeware (ProjectX) that already does TS subtitles capturing.
In contrast, by supporting PAL analogue TT subtitles something that was completely missing was added.


There is an option to keep the colour in ProjectX - Presettings | Presettings | Subtitle | Simulate DVB subpictures, although I've no idea if it'd work the same with teletext subtitles (I use 16 colours).

I use ProjectX to demux subtitles from DVB recordings made on a Nebula DigiTV card which can save subtitles in with the .ts/mpg file. The problem you'll have is that DVB subtitles are images, rather than text. ProjectX creates a .sup file, which then needs to be OCR'ed with something like SubRip. You then need to edit the original video file to top and tail it and remove adverts (ProjectX's editor does not go down to frame level so it's crude) and then re-sync the .srt subtitle file to the edited video.

All this fuss because VRD loses the subtitles in the edit! It can't be hard to fix, ProjectX does it as smoothly as you like, it just isn't anything like as good an editor as VRD is.
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