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I know you can directly add an edited video to the Batch Queue by passing Ctrl-B, but I think it would be nice if there was an icon on the charms menu to "Queue to Batch". It just seems a little more natural considering integrate using a mouse is to VRD.

From me, since I am already using the mouse to scroll forward/backward, selecting frames and cutpoints, it is faster just to mouse over to "Save Video" on the charms menu, then click the "Add to Queue" option in the windows and then click "Queue" button then it is to use Ctrl-B, which requires switching from mouse to keyboard, then back to the mouse. The downside using the "Save Video" charm to add something to batch, is that if I forget to check the "Add to Queue" box, the video starts to possess and I have to abort it, there add it to the queue.

A charms option to "Add to Queue" (basically passing a Ctrl-B command to VRD) would be a nice feature.


Along those same lines, perhaps in the options menu, you could include the ability to turn on/off different icons in the charms menu, allowing users to customize the charms, enabling only those features they use most. I hardly ever use the "Create DVD" charm because I prefer to use the "Edit List of DVD Titles" option under the DVD menu. This gives me one last look at the titles I am including on the DVD before I hit "Create DVD", which is right there in the edit list window. So if I had my choice of charms, I would drop "Create DVD" and add "Edit List of DVD Titles."


Nothing important to the functionality of VDR, but I believe this would be a nice feature to see in the future.


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We're actually discussing the possibility of making the charms customizable. If we do that queue to batch will be one of the options we add.
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