Recoding video... Keep it as close as possible to original specs(?)


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I am just changing the "contour", "luminance", "contrast" and "Chroma" to get rid of "white out" from bright sunny windows.

My thought is that keeping the output file specs as close as possible to the original file specs would keep the best quality.

Does that sound correct or am I totally off base here?

The original file is 1440 x 1080 (16:9 with the 4:3 pixels) am thinking do not change this.



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You might want to increase the bitrate a little. Most professionally encoded movies have experts that tweak and optimize the encode so that it reaches the best balance between quality and size. VideoReDo uses consumer grade encoders and abstracts a lot of the complexity away from the user. So throwing a few extra bits at it will help prevent some potential quality issues you might have if you match the original specs exactly.


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Good to know!
I'll do the bitrate increase.

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