Recommend Android App which can play VRD mp4 videos?


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I have tried several android apps to play mp4 videos created in VRD. But they either display a blank screen or state that the audio format is not compatible with mp4.
Can anyone suggest a simple android app that will play VRD-produced mp4 files?


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Make sure when you are creating MP4 files the audio is converted to AAC.

Some of the profiles such as H.264 MP4 will simply pass through the audio as is from the source file.

Profiles for Kindle and HTC convert the audio to AAC. The video resolution may not be appropriate for your Android device.


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OK, I have made some progress. I find I am able to use the 'MP4 Video Player for Android' app by BookPia (Showtime?) app to play VRD-generated video if I download the Vitamio plug-in. But I have to launch the app by selecting the movie in the folder manager. If I start the app then try to select the mp4 file then I get a blank screen and an audio warning. Very puzzling!

Maybe the problem would disappear if I stick to AAC as recommended by phd?
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MX Player plays VRD H264/AAC files flawlessly on my two Android devices. It seems to support a lot of formats, so if you haven't tried it you might give it a go.


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