Rotating Video File during Encoding


Hi everyone, well firstly let me start off here by asking what has happened to VRD and it's development, there has been no updates for Pro for a long time now, and it appears that things are pretty much dead here in this forum.

Anyway, i shot a 4k video using my phone, i accidentally started the recording with the camera in Portrait Mode, which was quite by accident, so i tilted the phone 90 degrees anti-clockwise to complete the video recording.

BUT, when i play back the file, it plays in Portrait mode, and the first 10 seconds of the video plays normally as it was shot in Portrait mode, but the next 7 minutes continues to play in Portrait mode, but the video is now sideways, and i realized then that the whole video will playback at the orientation that the video started recording in, regardless if i turned the phone to Landscape mode or not.

I chopped off the first 10 seconds, and i set my output profile to do a "Forced Encode" using the same bitrate that it recorded at, and in the profile i went into the View/Rotate section, and selected to rotate the video 90 degrees counter clockwise, thinking the recoded file will swing from Portrait to Landscape mode during output, and the resulting file would then play back in Landscape mode.

NOPE, the file still recodes exactly as it was recorded.

Can anyone please advise on what i need to do to rotate the orientation to Landscape.
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No, i had absolutely no idea that Mr Rosen had passed away, that might explain my curiosity as to why there has not been any updates for the past 8 months or more.

I spoke to Dan several times on the phone a few years ago from here in Australia, and he has always been very helpful whenever i needed help, so it really came as a shock to hear this news 7 months after his passing.
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