Saved Joiner Title - Duration setting not being recognized


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Greetings All,
Here is my process:
1. Create a new title screen in the Joiner. Nothing fancy, maybe just a blank colored background.
2. Change the title display duration to something other than the 5 second default, perhaps 10 seconds.
3. Click on File > Save Template to save an *.TT.xml file.
4. Restart VRD and load the saved TT.xml file back into the Joiner.
5. Discover that even though the TT.xml file has correctly saved the duration value of 10, the joiner is not recognizing it and is back to 5.
Here is the code from a representative TT.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<VRDTitle fade_in="1.000000" fade_out="1.500000" duration="10.000000"><Width>1920</Width>
<TextBoxes count="0"/><DefaultTextProperties><PointSize>32</PointSize>

Am I misunderstanding how this is intended to work or is it broken?

Thanks for your help!
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