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I'm currently having a more then 'annoying' issue where it keeps pointing back to the original folder the file is from, which causes it to rename the output with a (02).
-which is doubly annoying because despite setting the favorites, setting a default save location for the profile used (H.264 WTV) as the location I want, I have to keep navigating back & renaming video files (and I had accidently not noticed some times, and had to manually move a few videos & rename them)

There doesn't seem to be an option for this, and I don't typically use projects.


I've never had this problem, and I have no default location or favourites. Once I save a file to a different folder, it seems to always save there.


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When you save a file from the File>Save menu, button, or charm, the previous saved folder is remembered, at least it should be.

Can you check the registry key below and look for the "FileSave" name and value. This should be the folder you last saved to and will be updated on each file save.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DRD Systems\VideoReDo-TVSuite5\Filename


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The profile folder takes first priority. If it doesn't exist or it's on a network or external drive then it will revert to the last save location. If that is also a network or external drive that takes too long to respond then Windows will revert to the last file location it remembers using, which is the one you used to open the original file.
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