Siemens M740AV replacement for MP4 in France


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Excuse my English, that is certainly not academic

I own a Siemens M740AV set top box for years in France.
This adaptor has two DVB-T tuners and allow to record video on a NAS via RJ45 network connection. (programmed recording, time shift, decoding with TV interface).
This set top box can decode SD only streams.
I Use VideoRedo Plus to convert the CRID files, recorded on the NAS by M740AV, in MPEG files that I store on a media server.
In April next year, the TV in France will be diffused in HD (Mpeg4) only, and my M740AV cannot decode this stream.
I need to replace it by a HD set top box.
During my search I have only found set top boxes with internal HD disk or USB connection for an external storage
Does any of you know a set top box that has the same fonctions as the ones of M740AV (2 DVB-T tuners, able to record the streamed files on a NAS).?
Of course, I wish to convert the files recorded on the NAS in MPEG 4 and store them on my media server.

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