Something changed no preview thumbnail anymore??


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I have been using VRD for about a year now on .wtv files from WMC recorded on a pc tuner win 7 64 bit Just cutting out adds mostly.
I noticed a change in about march this year that windows explorer started to not be able to apply a thumbnail to the newly edited files. At first i did not care but now its annoying me.
You can see from the screen shot, all of these files where original WMC .wtv files then cut with VRD and saved as the same (fast frame copy) i dont ever remember changing a setting somewhere that had to do with thumbnails ??? i may have though.
It seems to have started this behaviour in about march, this may have been about the time i let VRD update itself to a newer version, cant remember?
Cheers any help?



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see above
Fixed...WMC issue.
What i found. When adjusting media libraries in WMC, any files that are placed in the recorded tv folder, or other folders that are added as a recorded tv folder, WMC will (eventually) generate a thumbnail (which is then usable and visible by windows explorer).

(When i first started using VRD would edit my recordings in the recorded tv folder (thus making thumbnails instantly), i have since attached a number of external hard drives and now i will edit from one and save the out put on the other (much faster this way);thus WMC never sees these recordings in its recorded tv folders and thus never creates a thumbnail!!!!)(this is the change in march see above)

Solution point WMC recorded tv to this as an extra folder. Then wait and let it do its thing. If you dont want all these extra files in your WMC recorded tv menu then remove it in media libraries again. The thumbnails remain.
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