Splicing two different TIVO recordings together


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I have 2 different recordings of the same show. Parts 1 and 2. Does Videoredo offer a way to splice these two recordings together to make them into one? The way it is now, I will have to play part 1, then go to the menu and play part two. I would like to combine the two (if possible) and only have one menu.


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Use the Joiner in VideoReDo. Load the first file, edit if you want. CLick on Joiner>Add.

Load the 2nd file, edit if you want. Click on Joiner>Add.

Then click on Joiner>Create. Will save your edits as a single file.


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I used the combine feature and this seemed to work well. Is there any reason to not do it this way? Thanks


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Combine is designed for files that are split based upon file size with no header information for subsequent files such as VOBs.

Joiner is designed for use with discreet files that have headers such as individual files that are recorded.

Some files that are combined when they should have been joined can exhibit an issue at the splice point.
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