Still can't edit recorded HD ts streams


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I've tried your software several times over the years and discounted it because it doesn't cleanly edit recorded video properly. As I got a new latop recently, I thought I'd install the trial again (now on v6) to see if it's better but no, I still can't edit video without corrupting it.

To explain, I am taking a simple .ts recording from a UK tv HD channel, editing out the adverts and saving as NEVC (although it breaks whether I re-encode or not). Just before the edit point, the video speeds up for half a second and then the audio dies thereafter. Same thing I've seen multiple times before. I even tried re-encoding it first to 265 and then editing but this doesn't help either. If I edit it and then re-encode with ffmpeg, it finds errors in the stream, suggesting your tool isn't outputting a correctly formed file.

Just to note, if I use TMPGEnc or Avidemux, it works perfectly. And yes these are good tools but yours retains subtitles which is why I would buy it if you could ever fix these bugs.
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