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Bear in mind embedding MPEG-2 video in PPT is problematic.

If the computer you use does not have the codecs installed, the video will not play.

For maximum transportability in PPT, consider converting the video to WMV to avoid this issue or pretest the computer to make sure the videos will play.


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I also have a problem with subtitles that I don't know how to fix. This is what I do:

1. capture or download a .mp4 file with subtitles. If I play that file with any video player (my favorite is VLC) and turn on subtitles, it work fine.

but if I:

2. edit the file to cut out the commercials and save it again as a .mp4 I have a problem.

no matter what player I try to use, it can't play the subtitles even though they seem to still be there.

In VLC, I get the following message.


Is this because of a problem with VideoReDo? Can it be fixed?

Using a video converter, I can convert the file to a .ts file and have the subtitles permanently put on the screen but I would love to be able to turn the subtitles on and off in my edited .mp4 file.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I have been using VideoReDo for many years now through many upgrades and it has always had this problem (if it is a VideoReDo problem).

Kit Kimes
Oswego, IL USA
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Need to know the file specs...

Set MediaInfo "view" to "text".
Copy/Paste info here.


The thread you opened up is 12 years old.
I personally would prefer a new thread in such cases.
Don't know what the internet protocol is tho.


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Thanks for answering. Here is the info on one file that I know works fine with subtitles in the .mp4 format after I downloaded it and didn't work after I edited it and saved it as a .mp4 file.

I didn't try doing the mediaInfo of the original file but it shouldn't be important.

As you can see in Menu #1, the format & codex is marked as 'txet'.



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I just check the original .mp4 file. The layout is a little different but under 'Text' it says the 'Format' is 'Timed Text' and the 'Codec ID' is 'tx3g' if that helps any.

I just edited my output file with a hex editor and changed the instance of 'txet' to 'tx3g'. Now VLC isn't complaining that it doesn't know what the codec is but it still doesn't work correctly. When I turn on subtitles, all it says is 'Chapter 1' and doesn't display the words that are being said on screen. So there must be more going on here than meets the eye.
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This the latest info I have on VRD and Subtitles...
Basically the subtitles you have can be preserved or lost depending on the "container"(mp4,TS,mpg, etc) you use.

On the good side...'Timed Text' is the ONLY subtitle that my OLED tv will display...So I alway burn in the Subtitles.

I tried to find this message so I could "date" the information, but it seems to be gone. Search on (contianer)..."no results"

Finally found the date..."search" is very faulty.
-------------------------------------From My "VRD Problems" text file---------------------------------
May 26, 2018

We only support 3 kinds of subtitles... NTSC closed captions, PAL teletext and DVB subtitles. And we only support them for passthrough, which means you can only keep them if the output contianer also supports them. MKV files use either DVD subtitles or SRT subtitles, neither of which we currently support. MP4 supports closed captions, but not the other two. The only format that supports all 3 is TS.
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Thanks for the info and for trying. I know about the .srt files and have played around with them but it is very cumbersome. If I save a .srt file before I do any editing of the video file and then cut out parts of the video, I have to do the same cuts at exactly the same points in the .srt files or they are out of sync. Not too bad if I'm only cutting off the leadin and the tail end but way too much work if I'm cut out several commercials in the middle of the file.

I guess I'll just have to go on doing what I'm doing and end up with the subtitles on the screen all the time. It would just be nice to be able to turn them on and off.


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I use to do much more with subtitles...
Cut out the inshow "intro" and then adapt the subtitles to fit, cut out the "Previously" etc.
It all became just too much and I let a lot of things slide.
Now, once I burn in the subs, I cut all that excess out.

One other thing on Subs...
I love "Post Mortem" on Netflix and have watched it 3 times but there is only a VERY vague connection between what is spoken and the subtitles.
Netflix is the best bet on getting English on foreign shows and I thank them a lot. But I don't know how they get the almost complete disconnect
between speech and subs.
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