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Hi all,

I've spent a long time trying to find the answer to this problem, but the few threads I've found on the web seem to answer different questions. I'm importing a DVD into VideoReDo TVSuite (latest version) and saving the main movie file out as an MPEG. Whatever I do the resulting files has no subtitles. Is there a way of including the subtitles in the file?



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We do not support DVD subtitles. They're a special format that is specific to DVDs and would not be retained when saving to MPG anyway, and we do not yet have the ability to convert subtitles to other formats. (pass through only)


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VobSub_2.23 is what I use to extract the subtitles to .idx and .sub files.
There are others.
Then you can put the MPG and sub files into a MKV container with MKVmerge.

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