Suggestion: Selective Replacement of Individual Frames

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Problem: at the end of a scene running into an advert break, the video fades to a channel ident frame but the audio fades out a frame or two later; after the ad break a new scene fades in but needs a short pause first (instead of the advert break).

Current situation: removing the advert break in its entirety means the audio track cuts sharply at the end of the scene, and the next scene starts immediately with no pause for breath.

Suggestion: provide a means to [1] selectively replace specific frames or group of frames with black or a captured frame; [2] selectively silence the audio track over a period of frames.

New usage when removing advert breaks: cut the advert break from 1s after the previous scene ends to the beginning of the next scene. Replace remaining frames of the advert break with black or a still frame. Silence any audio after the end of the scene audio until the start of the next scene.

If this can already be done I apologise for my temerity, but I can't find a way.


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I can't think of a way to handle this currently, although it ties in with other requests that we are looking at such as transitions and video sanitizing (removing offensive video but leaving the audio).

Need to think about this some more :)

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This is now (nearly) a year being thought about - any news? The reason not to do this in a "standard" video editor (or, at least, not the cheapies in my toolbox) is because they all re-encode the video (which is slow, and loses quality).
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Transitions probably aren't going to be added until v6, which will likely be released next year. (late this year at the soonest)
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