support for processing 10 bit video files


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Hello there: when in the future will support for processing 10 bit video files come along?

I've recently started to work with 4k 10 bit HEVC files, re-encoding from the former to x264 10 bit (don't be flaming me.....understand I use Handbrake for this, the program has video filters to work with).

Now I only use Videoredo for all frame to frame cutting & joining work, but the program isn't capable of processing a 10 bit file.


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Full 10-bit support is working here on our development versions. 10-bit support is maintained all the way through the video processing pipeline.

Can't give you a date yet, but rest assured it's coming. The primary step left to be completed is converting HDR to SDR when log-gamma encoding is employed in the source.


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have you ever considered a *lite* version of the programme that would do just what I generally use it for.......cutting & joining video/audio files (muxing) together without the actual re-encoding process?

Videoredo is in my opinion the hands down best program for doing frame by frame muxing.
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