Third gen 16 core Ryzen in NOV!


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I've been encoding on my 6core/12thread 3930 from 2012 "Very Slow" Preset on and the cpu
run in the high 90% range processing at 2/3 real time. So 10-11 threads.

On my first gen 16 core Threadripper it's only encoding at half real time. 40s to 60s% of the cores.
That's a sad improvement for 5 years of "progress" and 10 more cores!

The 3 gen Ryzens are suppose to be 30 something % faster in processing so hoping to drop my real time %
from current 50% down to 30s% if lucky. Would make me very happy to get there!... 20minutes/"hour" of encoding...YESSS.
And if lucky enough to even be able to get my hands on a 3 gen 16 core Ryzen when they come out in a couple months.
(that would mean it only took 7 1\2 YEARS to double the output vs my 2012 6 core cpu! Sad but true.)

It should be a "drop in" on my Ryzen 1700 motherboard. But have read that probably no "drop ins" for the 3 gen 24core Threadrippers.
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