time and frame counter out of sync ?


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This little weird thing has been bothering my video redo for a while. Film strip and time and frame counter is out of sync. Filmstrip do not go to next frame, but counter goes. It will not refresh filmstrip.
video redo versio is:


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You can "right click" on the thumbnail and change the thumbnail Frames display setting.
Try "Single Frame".


Me too. I noticed this yesterday, in TV Suite (2021-08-19) .
For me "Single Frame" did not fix it, but "0.1 seconds" seems OK.
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Is the problem file specific, or all files? H264/HEVC or MPEG2? If you like post a screen shot here or send the screen show to us at support.


Hi Dan. Just load any file, and click on the first frame or any frame, to select it.
Right click and set the thumbnail Frames display to "Single Frame", then try clicking on other frames nearby and see what happens.

I find that the effect is as follows:-
- When I click on a frame to the right of the currently selected frame, the focus sometimes moves right by one extra frame beyond the intended frame.
- On the other hand, when I click on a frame to the left of the current selection, the correct frame is always selected.
- If instead I use the GUI's "Advance one frame" button, it seems to always work correctly.
- If I change the thumbnail Frames display to "0.1 seconds", it again seems to always work correctly.

This behaviour affects some files and not others, but it's not whether it's MPEG2 or H264 or HEVC, nor whether it's interlaced. Still investigating!


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tobyW, You can fix the problem by going to shift+Tools>Options and changing. This may have a GUI performance impact on H264 files with large GOPs.

15. Maximum seconds for sequential search: 0.0 (change to 0.0).
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