Tips re: VideoReDo installation and VAP


If you just upgraded or first-time installed VideoReDo and VAP now isn't operatring correctly, consider the following:

1. On Win7 and Vista, run VRD (thats VRD not VAP) once "As Administrator". Right click the VRD shortcut and select "Run as administrator".

2. When you upgrade either VAP or VRD, completely uninstall the previous version first.

3. In the VRD hidden options (Hold down Shift key and select "Tools ... Options"), set "MPEG2 display uses IPP decoder.." to "False". This is item #72 in VRD Build 635e.

4. In hidden options, set "Do not display video in silent batch" to "True". This is item #39 in VRD Build 635e.

5. Try a different Video Driver -- Tools ... Options ... Playback devices, upper right portion. Popular choices seem to be VMR9, VMR7 and EVR.

6. Try this:

7. Also take a look in this thread: starting at post #26.
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