Tivo HD and CC problem


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Just curious if anyone else has seen this.

Recorded shows transferred to computer have CC garbled in VRD.

When displayed in VRD, it looks something like this:
your becomes yoyourur

CC also does not display on the TV whereas previous methods of recording had no issue.

CC also displays OK in VLC.

I'm a new Tivo user so this is based upon a completely new experience.

Cable supplier is Comcast.

DanR and I have compared the same recording simultaneously and his are fine. Different cable supplier though.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?


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This has been reported on the tivocommunity forum as well. James Memmott (author of T2SAMI) has been trying to track the problem down and has been unsuccessful. He believes that it is likely a combination of the way captions are handled by different providers combined with whatever method Tivo uses to re-mux the propriety .ty format to .tivo before shipping it to PC. It normally appears that captions in the recording on the Tivo are fine, but they are garbled in the .tivo file. For the times when I want to transcode my Tivo recording to something else, I extract the captions with ccExtractor. I have had better success with that program than with T2SAMI at extracting captions. In my case, I was not seeing repeat characters but dropped characters: You dirty rat --> Youirty rat or something like that.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I read a thread where some people recommended turning off digital captions on Tivo as that can interfere with the analog captions.
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