TiVo Playback Issues


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I must say that VideoReDo is really easy to use to edit out commercials and convert TiVo HD recordings to .mpg format!! But I am having some play back issues after I convert the TiVo file to .mpg format then transfer the .mpg file back to the TiVo for playback. The picture will get an occasional line of pixels across the screen and more often the audio will drop out or skip. These same files play just fine on the laptop that VideoReDo is installed using Windows Media Player.

My TiVo is the Series 4 / Premiere w/ ver 14.5
Laptop is a Core 2 duo p8600 w/ gb 4 ram, Win 7 pro/64bit, Win Media Player ver 12.0.7800
VideoRedo TVSuite Ver 3.1.5 564 Trial Version


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Your issue sounds familiar. Did you recently send an email to support?
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