tivo recording opens in VR with incorrect much larger length because of glitch or pixellation in broadcast


It won’t go through QSF because of this. Is there any alternative options? Or a different VR product like VR pro that could handle these files?


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The length is not considered when opening a file for QSF, so if it fails QSF there is something else wrong with the file. The whole point of QSF is that we read the file start to end, frame by frame, and output it using new timestamps based on the framerate.

My recommendation would be try decrypting the file first, using either the decrypt option in pyTivo Desktop (assuming you're using that) or tivolibre on the command line. Then try processing the resulting video. If that still fails then there is something corrupted at the start of video. You can try to fix it by using trim & copy to remove the very beginning of the video, but it'll be trial and error as to how much you need to trim. You'll have to just keep increasing it until you find something that works.
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