Tivo to DVD (Need to know what choices to use to get proper result)

Dave G

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I have been a VideoReDo TV Suite user for many years. Usually, I have no problems accomplishing what I want, but I am stumped by the following.
I have some older Tivo recordings on my Windows desktop computer. I want to burn them to DVDs. I can do that, but the results are not "correct"
Specifically, if I load the Tivo file (already trimmed, etc.) and burn a DVD using the defaults that VRD TVS5 uses, I get a DVD that when played on a DVD player to my TV, loses the "sides" of the original Tivo file.
That is, there are on-screen titles (explaining who is speaking - not subtitles!). Those titles are ending up partly off the screen. I need to know what choices to make.
I suspect (but have no proof) that the problem has to do with the conversion from 1280 x 720 to 720 x 489 resolution.
On the Change Output Options pop-up, there are all kinds of choices on the Video Options and Video Cropping and Sizing tabs, but I have not been successful changing these.
I would appreciate it if one of you could point me in the right direction.



Dave G

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Although I got no responses to my query, I'm responding myself because the problem is NOT with VRD TV Suite 5. It turns out the DVD player that my (now) wife used for years was never set up properly. It is a very capable Philips TAPE200/12 all region player. It was outputting a signal for a very old TV. Using the SETUP functions, I changed the output to 1080p (to match the Samsung Smart TV we have), and everything displays as one would expect.

Dave G
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