TiVo video is bad in parts with a pattern.

Raymond Day

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Wow I am not sure what is wrong. I don't think it's VideoReDo because playing in Windows Media player the same thing. Downloading a new video from my TiVo Premiere it plays good for about 5 sec. Then puts like big dots all over the video for about 2 sec. then back to good video for about 5 sec. and over and over like that. But it does the same with Windows Media Player!

All so it don't on old videos I downloaded from TiVo before. Only new ones.

I started to uninstall all the programs I could think of that my of made this error. But none worked.

So I installed VideoReDo on a slow PC and with TiVo Desktop got the same video and it plays good in WMP and VideoReDo.

So it would seem it's something when the video goes though my LAN Ethernet. I just don't know. Because older videos I downloaded from TiVo don't play bad. The new old video is back from 11 of 2010. I wanted to do a system restore. But it only goes back about 1 month.

Has any one else had this type of problum? If so what did you have to do to fix it?

-Raymond Day


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That is exactly the problem I was seeing.

Upgrade Tivo Desktop to 2.8.2 and you should be fine.

(See my post about my experience).

Raymond Day

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Thank you Philhu. I did install the update. Went to the link in here. I have the paid TiVo Desktop and on the web page looks like they have no upgrade for it. So I downloaded the free one and it said it will remember all my settings. Did not have to un-install the older one from 2.8 to 2.8.2

Started to download the same video from my TiVo Premiere.

Looked at your link and it does sound like the same thing that I have.

It worked. I had to wait for it to download from my TiVo and open it in VideoReDo and no problumes now. Thank you for your replys here all.

-Raymond Day


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Depending on your PC and Windows setup you could have an mpeg2 codec problem.
Just an FYI. That wouldn't affect VideoReDo. All our codecs are built into the program.
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