Topfield 7170 and VideoReDo


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I have a Topfield TF5000PVRt Masterpiece which I use to record TV programs. It is connected to my laptop computer and an external hard drive so that I can transfer files to the hard drive as .rec files using Altair software. I can then edit the files on my computer using VideoReDo TVSuite version which I understand is the latest version.

My current Topfield is dying and I am looking at replacing it with Topfield TRF-7170. But before I do this, I would like to confirm that I am able to use the same (or more efficient) workflow to transfer and edit the files from the 7170 to my computer and edit them using VideoReDo software which I currently own.

I have checked the Topfield TRF-7170 manual and it is not helpful in this regard. However I did notice that I can copy files to a USB stick connected to the Topfield and formatted to the Topfield. However, when I connect the USB stick to my computer, I will need to reformat it for that device, thereby erasing all the files on the USB stick. So this would not seem to be useful in exporting files from the Topfield to my computer for editing in VideoReDo. I would need to adopt a similar workflow to that I am using with my current TF5000PVR.

Has anyone experienced with the Topfield TRF-7170 been able to transfer files to the PC for editing in VideoReDo? In what format do the files come across? Do they continue to come over as .rec files or some other format? Is Altair still the appropriate software to use to achieve the transfer? Anything else I should know from your experience? Basically, can I be confident that if I purchase a Topfield TRF-7170 I will be able to transfer the files to my PC and edit them using VideoReDo software that I already own.

Over to you. Many thanks.

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