Topfield 7710 hdpvr rec files incomplete

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Rec files of programmes of an hour or more never appear complete in my Videoredo TV Suite V4 H264. They always come out at random length between 20 and 40 minutes, while the file is complete on the Topfield.

I always have to make a copy of these programmes in 20 minute chunks on the Topfield and then there is no problem, but this is becoming a bit cumbersome :mad:

I have tried the quickstream fix, but that makes no difference, programme is the same length as it was before.
I am using a 16GB memory stick, formatted in the recommended way, so that can't be the problem.

I have a registered version of the TV Suite V4 H264, why can't I get long programmes on the TV Suite correctly?
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memory sticks are formatted FAT and will only save 2 or 4GB chunks.

Check the file sizes.
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