Toshiba, Pioneer, Panasonic DVR hard drive recordings.. work in VideoReDo so far


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Isobuster 4.5 Pro

Extracts the hard drive recordings from about 50+ DVRs with hard drives tested since about April of 2019.

I have not found one brand or model that has been tested to work with Isobuster 4.5, that is not handled properly by VideoReDo Version 6 -

Isobuster works in two modes when it extracts a recording. A user chooses after selecting a recording which mode to use. The first mode extracts it to a file stored on a PC hard drive. The second mode "Runs" the temporarily extracted video file by first extracting it to the PC hard drive and then opening that temp file in VideoReDo. I think this occurs because VideoReDo has been associated with .VOBs .MPG and other video file types.

Its a very smooth transition.

Its been a great pairing because we didn't know how uniform the experience would be across so many brands and models.

Beginning in February 2019 all the Toshiba RD-XS recorders were added to support. Then on a lark some Pioneer DVR-510, 520, 530, 640, 650, 660, LX, HX and then some Panasonics DMR-80, 100, 55, 75V, 56, 57, 58, 59 then an RCA 8030, some Magnavox 2160, 513, 515, 557 then some Phlips 3575, 3576 and a few ILOs and so on. Not every brand and model works.. but by the end of 2019 the list got pretty big.

Given that all these recorders store their raw files in MPEG2 format.. having a way to edit them in a generation "lossless" way was sorely needed.

Also Isobuster can't edit the extracted files.. some of these files may be hours or even days long.

Normally the DVR recorder can edit this down and then burn the resulting edit list to a DVD.. but on a lot of these old recorders, the DVD burner has failed, or replacement parts can't be purchased. While its cool to be able to "recover" the recordings. Not being able to edit these huge files once they are extracted was a huge problem looking for an answer. VideoReDo to the rescue!

VideoReDo has restored the ability to use these DVRs as if they were still fully functional, and benefit from the new hardware on a modern PC.

I'm helping the program author test more DVRs, we have mostly tested North American models because that's all I could find at garage sales or cheap enough off eBay to try. I'm trying to beg borrow or find sources for more European variants or models.. but its hard. I live in the US and he doens't own any DVR recorders.

The attached pics are of PAL recordings from one of the European models.. VideoRedDo has no problem reading the PAL MPEG2 files or editing them.

I thought you'd like to know.


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