Transfer a saved file from Topfield 7170 to my PC


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Hi, I wonder if anyone can suggest how I can transfer a movie I have saved on my Topfield 7170 to my PC. According to the manual I have connected a ext. HD to the Topfield, formatted it and saved the movie on HD. Then I connected it to my PC, but the PC wont read the file and wants to format the HD. The reading of the HD property shown zero, yet the Topfield confirms that the file was transferred correctly to the HD.
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with any suggestions how to fix my dilemma.
Thank you, Orison


Rename the file on the topfield and try again. Sometimes programs use characters that cannot be used in a file name on a computer.

Remember you cannot use these characters in a file name \ / : * ? " < > |


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I'm thinking of buying a Topfield TRF-7170 to replace my previous Topfield recorder which is dying. See my post:

With my previous Topfield recorder I was able to connect my laptop to the Topfield, record programs, use Altair on the laptop to transfer the files as .rec files to my external hard drive connected to the laptop and then edit them on my PC with VideoReDo. I am trying now to confirm that I can do the same thing with the Topfield TRF-7170 before I purchase it.

This seems to be your issue as well. What has your experience been with the 7170 and VideoReDo. I would be interested to hear from you if you see this post.

Many thanks.

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