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I find myself repeatedly asking users for the same basic information items when trying to help them with VAP issues. To save us both time and effort here is a list of frequently helpful info:

  1. Versions of VAP and VideoReDo and Windows being used.
  2. The process flow and configuration being used. This includes everything in the "Default Configuration" panel and the Output Profile selected. (Or a screen shot of the VAP user interface).
  3. The input file type and preferably also the file info obtained by loading the file into VRD and hitting Ctrl-L then copying to clipboard for pasting in a post (or a screen shot).
  4. Have you considered the VRD installation tips given here: ?
  5. What command-line arguments are being used?
  6. If an error message pops up, give the exact wording (or a screen shot), and when in the processing sequence does it appear? What happens after the message appears?
  7. Excerpts from the VAP log for the time interval surrounding the error. The VAP log is "VRDAutoProcessLog.txt" and it is located in the VAP data folder. (Open a command window and type echo %APPDATA%\VAP to see where that is on your machine.)
  8. Excerpts from the VRD log when the error occured. (Help ... Display VideoReDo Log).
  9. What output or temporary files are produced and in which folders (Monitor, TempQSF and Output).
  10. If you duplicate your process flow manually (using just VideoReDo, not VAP) is the problem still there? (If so, it's not a VAP problem!)
All items may not be pertinent for a particular issue so use your judgement as to which ones to include. However I consider items 1-5 as mandatory. ;)
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