TVSuite V4 with H.264 - Change log and Release Notes

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This thread will contain the change log and release notes. To be notified, via email, when a new release is posted, please subscribe to this thread.

Download TVSuite V4 with H.264 Build 600

H264 Editing -
[Change] Audio resync: Use the resync sensititivy in the Tools>Options>Advanced stream to set the muxer resync threshold.
[Change] DVD Burner: Add option to launch DVD Burner as admin.
[Change] DVR-MS & WTV metadata: Handle titles, subtitles and descriptions that contain non-ascii unicode text.
[Change] H.264 Improved audio sync at cut points. Should reduce number of added / deleted frames.
[Change] H.264 profile: Added new advanced encoding parameter: vbv_size_bytes. Allows HTC Hero to work at Baseline/2.1
[Change] H.264 profile: If changing profile/level in advanced encoding options, let the encoder default the VBV.
[Change] Log file: Show an encoded version of the user's name in the log rather than actual name.
[Change] MPEG2 4:2:2: If source was MPEG2 4:2:2, output would always force recode to 4:2:0 instead of smart editing. (broken in 598)
[Change] MPEG2 stream: Improve detection of bad audio frames at start of file that look valid but aren't and created silent playback.
[Change] NTSC/ATSC captions: The display closed captions settings is now persistent, i.e. remembered between file opens.
[Change] Output profile: Add an option for elementary stream output to only output the audio track(s).
[Change] Output profiles: All formats can use intelligent mode. Standard MPEG-4 Part 2 and WMV profiles now included as default profile.
[Change] QuickStream Fix: Added Queue to batch option in the QSF save dialog.
[Change] Trim and copy: An extra "." could appear in the file name if the currently open video came from a project file.
[Change] VideoReDo Batch Profile: New batch manager prevents file associations from open a file in VRD.
[Change] WTV: Added additional logging of stream detection logic. Enable via T>O>Stream, diagnostic checkbox.
[Change] WTV: If source is NTSC/ATSC, use ATSC formatted CC data from the video stream rather than DTVcc data from WTV.
[Change] WTV: WTV files are now remembered in the most recent used list on the file menu.
[Fix] Batch: If source file has DVD subtitles and you try to process in COM/batch with a VPRJ, output may hang or crash.
[Fix] ES Muxing: Muxing of LPCM/WAV files created distorted audio.
[Fix] H.264 navigation: Re-wrote part of navigation algorithm to account for highly variable bit rates.
[Fix] H.264 output: Recoding from MPEG2 59.94 with repeat frames would stall output when recoded to 29.97 H.h264 (iphone)
[Fix] Joiner: Queue to batch option on the joiner save dialog was not always being honored.
[Fix] LATM/LOAS AAC: If audio frame length and PES packet length were less than 20 bytes, frame would be dropped.
[Fix] MP4 Demuxer: Increase buffer size to 2MB to handle files very large IDR frames.
[Fix] Profile editing: If ..\Documents\VideoReDo folder doesn't exist automatically create it. Install wizard normally does this.
[Fix] VideoReDo Batch Profile: Problem creating output file in the root drive.
[Fix] WTV Output: .WTV files output by TVSuite will play on XBox360 media extenders.
[Fix] WTV output: Metadata if source file is DVRMS or WTV is preserved.
[Fix] WTV: BBC HD recorded with Hauppauge DVB-S2 won't open due to 3 byte instead of 4 byte start code.
[Fix] WTV: Support for audio stream selection is now working. Did not work in prior builds.

H264 Editing -
[Change] Output profile: OutputProfiles.xml is now OutputProfilesEx.xml. New profiles from VRD in DefaultProfile.xml will display.
[Change] Output processing: Round off error in frame rate caluclation (23.795 vs 23.976) caused output logic to fail.
[Change] File open: Added WTV as a default file type. (New installations only).
[Change] Droid profile: Remove hard coded check in H264 encoder for Droid resolution. Switch to new profile.
[Change] Droid profile: Change frame rate from automatic to standard definition, use new advanced parameters to force baseline profile.
[Enhancement] WTV: Greatly improved support for WTV files. Improved navigation, better video stream detection.
[Fix] Translations: The DVD project dialog and OutputProfilesEditor were showing non-english screens due to missing manifests.
[Fix] Queue to batch: BPRJ file is being saved in destination folder when "Store BPRJ in Source Folder" is checked.
[Fix] MPEG2 4:2:2 to 4:2:0.: Chroma not being converted from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 before recoding.
[Fix] H.264 QSF: Can drop frames if PTS clocks wraps around.
[Fix] Cropping and resizing: Using an odd number in any of the 4 cropping and resizing values causes cropping to be skipped.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] Tools>Show Program: Added estimated source video bit rate.
[Enhancement] Tools>Options>H.264: New option "Remove filler NALs", will remove unneeded filler/stuffing bytes.
[Change] WTV; WTV no longer supported in TVSuite V3. Continued support will be in Version 4.
[Change] Tools>Trim and Copy: Issue warning if trying to do a Trim on files that shouldn't be trimmed: MP4, DVR-MS, WTV.
[Change] Thumbnails: Added additional scaling options of -36db and -48 db to the thumbnail graph.
[Change] TS Streams: Increased the number of sync bytes check to confirm file is TS type from 9 to 30.
[Change] Save dialog: Add keyboard accelerator Alt+Q to toggle queue to batch and Alt+O to simulate pressing the Option button.
[Change] Rename: VideoReDo3.exe has been renamed to VideoReDo4.exe.
[Change] MP4 muxer: New option on Tools>Options>H.264 to change location of MP4 muxer temp file. Default will be output folder.
[Change] H.264 NAL parsing: Made sure that trailing zero bytes in NAL are kept with correct NAL (internal change).
[Change] H.264 AC3 with MP4: Added new attribute to profile: "allowAC3" to allow AC3 in MP4 saves. Requires special profile (see below)
[Change] DVD burning: Updated StarBurn library to version 12 for improved W7 compatibility.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Displayed of estimated DVD size might not be correct. (Cosmetic only).
[Change] COM: Can now control multiple instances of VideoReDo when running in silent mode.
[Fix] Transport streams: Improved end of file logic to better detect and parse final frame in the file.
[Fix] Tivo output: TiVo header incorrectly copied when source was a Tivo-TS stream.
[Fix] TS streams: Number of times program maps read was not being reset when scanning multiple sections of a file.
[Fix] Side by side errors: File, Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC.manifest was causing SxS errors. Updated version number.
[Fix] Recoding H.264 to MPEG2: Top field first flag was not being preserved when recoding from H.264 to MPEG2.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Fix for POC type == 2. Was dropping frames as resync, due to not picking up POC type properly.
[Fix] H.264 recoding: If source is progressive, enable MBS in sequence hdr so output is labeled progressive.
[Fix] H.264 QSF: Clicking on enable filters would crash if video had MPEG audio.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: When recoding, the video bit rate settings are being ignored and output bit rate is extremely low.
[Fix] DVB subtitles: If displaying subtitles during playback, timing conflict between reading and loading could cause GPF.
[Fix] Ad Detective: Intermittent behavior with H.264 files. Might not be analyzing data in current frame and missing dark frames.

H264 Editing -
[Change] Profiles: New output file type: m2ts.
[Change] Profiles: Default profiles list has been updated. Need to delete MyDocuments\OutputProfiles.xml to view.
[Change] MPEG4 Part 2 and 3gpp: Added more informative message if the .mp4 file codec is MPEG4 Part 2 or 3gpp.
[Change] COM: Added new function to retreive profile list. See sample script: ProfileSample.vbs
[Fix] Version check: Updated version check logic to work with TVSuite Version 4.
[Fix] Profile file: On install profiles installed in <install>\DefaultProfiles.xml, if changed copied to documents\OutputProfiles.xml
[Fix] MP4/H.264 : MP4 files from Nero wouldn't open due to missing SEI picture timing. As backup get frame rate from demuxer.
[Fix] MP4 file reader: First GOP could sometimes be dropped when file is loaded.
[Fix] Installer: Setup registry and profile entries correctly is installing as limited user.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Support for files with pic_order_count_type = 2. Including the Sanyo HD 700 camera.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Not picking up progressive flag for source file when doing full recode causing output to be interflaced.
[Fix] H.264 smart editing: If encoder gets a parameter error, automatically try to initialize again without HRD parameters.
[Fix] H.264 GUI: Not displaying Progressive or Interlaced flag on Tools>Show Program Info.
[Fix] H.264 720p: 720p files which used repeat frames were not being handled properly.
[Fix] Batch & COM: /p:<profile name> option will crash batch processing due to bug in COM call: FileSaveProfileVideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Thumbnails: If displaying a "pseudo frame" don't show I/P/B indicator.
[Change] Languages: Added Czech, and new updates for Finnish.
[Fix] Cut mode: Last frame of cut was excluded from output video. Broken in 594.


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Build 598 - Release notes:

1) Your private and changed profiles are now stored in ...\Documents\VideoReDo\OutputProfilesEx.xml rather than OutputProfiles.xml. The profile format itself hasn't changed, what has changed is the way we manage profiles. Prior to this build, whenever you changed or modified any DefaultProfile we copied all the profiles from the default to the private file, OutputProfiles.xml. The problem this created if new profiles were added to DefaultProfile.xml they would not be seen nor was there a direct way of importing them. The new scheme tracks changes to the default profiles so that they appear after installing a new build.

2) WTV support is greatly improved. Navigation, frame accurate editing, etc should all operate normally. Two known issues: Opening a wtv file can be slow. It sometimes takes 20-30 seconds. Once open performance should be similar to any other format. Support for DVB subtitles and teletext isn't working yet. We could use a WTV example with DVB subs that actually work in W7 MCE. The source samples uploaded by our users that show DVBs in the header don't actually display them in MCE. claim to have DVB subs don't show for us in MCE. Don't know whether this is an MCE configuration or they really aren't present in the file.

3) The Droid profile has changed to use new H264 encoding parameters. Do NOT delete the old Droid profile! There is an upgrade routine built into the new profile logic which will attempt to match all the old profiles in OutputProfiles.xml with the new profiles in the DefaultProfiles.xml. So for most people the old Droid profile will actually be linked to the new one as if it were simply a modification of the default. However, if you modified your Droid profile you'll need to switch to the new profile and then modify it again. To do this, go into the Tools->Edit profile list dialog, select the Droid profile and click the "Restore Defaults" button.

4) There are a number of new manually set encoding options for the H.264 encoder. These allow you to explicitly set parameters like profile, level, cabac, GOP size, etc. Will post more information about that in the next day in a separate post.
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Build 600 has been posted:

Lots of fixes, especially for WTV files. WTV files output from TVSuite should now play well on your XBox 360 extender. You can select the desired audio stream, and, metadata should be preserved properly during a save. The dvr-ms / wtv metadata entry box now works in unicode and can support non-latin character sets.

iPad and HTC Hero output profiles are available for download at the top of this thread. We will include them as part of the default profile set in a future build.

Important: WTV files created by TVSuite can not always be opened again by TVSuite. We hope to have this fixed in the next build.

Also, the pixelation issue on some H.264 at cut points, is not yet ready for release. Hope to have that ready in Build 601. EAC3 support did not make it into this release.

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