TVSuite V6 - Problems when Transitions are turned on

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Hi. The newest version I have that will work with transitions turned on is any of the later ones crash. When the problem first raised it's head I was using Windows 7 Pro an an aging AMD processor, I have since upgraded my computer & am now using Win10 Pro x64 on an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with 32MB of RAM.

Transitions are THE reason I upgraded from V5, I have been a user since v1.7.0. I find it frustrating that I now have to stay 'behind the curve' to continue to use transitions.

I also find it frustrating that there isn't an easy way to toggle Transitions on & off without having to dive in to the settings/options. My workflow is edit (trim) multiple .TS files from my Sony camera (without transitions) then add them into the Joiner and make an mp4 (H264) from them (with transitions turned on).

As a side note, I find Mac users have difficulty viewing/editing the files I produce with VideoRedo whereas they have no problems if I send them the original source files from my camera.



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You'll need to send an email to support about the transition crash. We'll likely need a sample file we can use to reproduce the issue.

The transitions can be setup in an individual profile, so if you're commonly turning then on/off just duplicate the output profile in the Manage Profiles dialog and set one to on and the other to off. Then just choose the corresponding profile when saving.

QuickTime is not a very good player. It has issues with lots of files. You might want to suggest that your Mac users install VLC instead. The alternative is that you do a full recode when saving the videos, which is probably what you use VideoReDo to avoid. The problem is complex, but basically there is a very slight difference between the original video and the video frames VRD has to recode around the edit points. Players like VLC have no issues with this difference but QuickTime can choke on it and have issues playing the files.
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