Two video software utilities written by myself.



I would like to announce here two new free software utilities that I wrote myself, and that I think they could interest some VideoRedo users (especially knowing that they both have an option specifically targetting VideoRedo).

The first one, PTvM Ts Checker, allows to check the integrity of Mpeg2 Transport Stream files (« TS »), and to mark the locations in the file where errors are found.

The second one, PTvM Ts Merger, allows to take two Mpeg2 Transport Stream files (« TS ») deriving from the same TV broadcasting, to compare them between them, and to generate a third file from these files by taking the best parts of each one, thus eliminating most of the errors that commonly occur during this kind of capture.

Initially written in French, I also made an English version for each of them.

Please visit this page for more information.



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I have had occasions to need/want both of these functions Gingko, and although I have no projects atm to try your software, I thank you for them in advance, and look forward to other users' reports!


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PTvM Ts Merger sounds like an awesome program. I've often had the same thought and wished something like that existed, and now it does... though to be honest I don't have a use for it, yet.
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