Unable to initialize Video Display Error


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I am using VAP to batch process files and am getting an error "Unable to initialize video display. Please check VideoRedo.log. Unable to play video".
Any help will be appreciated. Where can I find the log file?


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Here is the log file that was created with the error. Can someone help me with this... I have been using VRD for two weeks without any issues. This just started few days ago. I had installed some new softwares but have removed them all. Also, I have restarted the computer few times. Graphic card driver has not changed.

2010-06-05 12:57:08 Starting stream open for: D:\M......\Videos\VAP\QSF\The_Suite_Life_of_Zack_&_Cody_0526_0200.mpg
2010-06-05 12:57:08 After aStream open.
2010-06-05 12:57:08 Is DVRMS: 0.
2010-06-05 12:57:08 Seek to begin.
2010-06-05 12:57:08 Packet classes created.
2010-06-05 12:57:08 Opening file: D:\M.....\Videos\VAP\QSF\The_Suite_Life_of_Zack_&_Cody_0526_0200.mpg, filetype is: MPEG2 PIDs: x00 / x00
2010-06-05 12:57:08 Startup - Number of PTS checks: 8
2010-06-05 12:57:08 Using display driver: VMR9
2010-06-05 12:57:09 Error initializing video: VMR9 Error, BuildVideoMixingGraph9 (Windowed), hr=0x80004002, No such interface supported , Overlay Flag: 0, Accel Flag: 1
2010-06-05 12:57:09 Unable to play video: Unable to initialize the video display.
Please check VideoReDo.log
2010-06-05 15:56:00 Destruct CVideoReDoDlgAutoProxy


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1) Have you tried opening the file manually, i.e. without using batch?

2) Did you reboot? It looks like another application has grabbed hold of the video driver in an exclusive mode.

3) If the above don't work, then try another drive on the Tools>Options>Devices page in TVSuite.
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