Upgrade of VRD to v5


I've installed VRD v5. VAP continues to run, but invokes VRD v4. In due course, I'll want to change that to be rid of V4 entirely.

How do I get VAP (I have 2 instances of it, each with different parameters) to invoke V5?



Based on my experience, the only sure way is to run the version of VRD you want VAP to use with "Run as Administrator" (right-click shortcut and select that) one time prior to starting VAP. You only need to do this when switching between VRD versions or (maybe) after upgrading a VRD version.

Also you should be using at least version 1.19 of VAP, preferably the latest version (currently 1.21). I provide support only for the latest release.

Please put any further VAP-related posts, including on this topic, in the VAP sub-forum:
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