Using "Topaz video AI" to rescue poor videos...


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I've been using "Topaz video AI" to enhance fuzzy 360p/480 videos
that I was considering for deletion.
It was a WOW moment...I'm keeping them now!
It moves them up to lower end "ok" dvd video level from the fuzzy mess that they were.

Odd thing I've noticed is that some of my TMPGEnc VMWorks7 video filters
have no effect on the new video. "contour" guessing that what ever it works on is
gone from the video file. (video denoise also does nothing)...guess there is no noise.

Still working out to VMWorks7 first or to AI the file first.
My Vega 56 videocard processes at 10 fps. 5950xCPU gets 2 fps. I can see no difference.

One chart I saw showed a 4090 double a 3060 in slow motion (3fps to 7.6fps)but only a little better in
"Upscale 1080p to 4k" 1.8 to 2.2 fps.
"Deinterlace" 12 to 12 fps (No improvement)

Lots to play with...
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