Using VideoReDo on the new Intel MACs

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I recently tried using VideoReDo on the Intel MAC.

Here is the information for those who are interested. I've attached a few screenshots as well using Parallels on the MAC. The look and feel using Boot Camp is exactly the same as a PC since it is a dual boot system so I did not think it was necessary to show screenshots.

I tested with both Boot Camp as well as Parallels.

VideoReDo installed and was able to run under both configurations. Special settings for using VideoReDo on Paralles involved setting VMR7 for better display quality and disabling video acceleration. The playback quality using Paralleles with DirectX was slightly variable. Tools>Options>Playback Devices

Using Boot Camp, all activity occurred on the separate PC partition since it is a dual boot machine. I tested with Boot Camp Public Beta 1.1.2. No special accomodations were needed in VideoReDo on the Boot Camp partition. Boot Camp requires Windows XP SP2 for installation. You cannot install XP SP1 and upgrade to SP2.

With Parallels you have access to the MAC partition via drag and drop into windows and its virtual machine and loading and saving in VideoReDo to/from the MAC via shared folders. Note you cannot drag and drop directly onto an open VideoReDo window.

Using Parallels, a virtual machine, you can operate in 3 modes: full screen, a windowed environment or in "Coherence" mode which allow each separate application and window from MS Windows to appear as a separate window on the MAC OS. Screenshots are from this mode. I used the latest Beta of Parallels (Build 3106) in order to also test some new advanced functionality which included using the Boot Camp partition as a boot drive as well as importing VMWare virtual machines using Transporter Beta 3. More information on the Beta is available here:

Test machine was the MAC mini
1.66GHz Intel Core Duo/ 512MB RAM/ 60GB SATA hard drive/ 15 GB Boot Camp partition

Speed tests were as follows:

Parallels - file on separate Boot Camp partition
AD scan 1:00
AD save 0:44

Parallels - file on MAC drive
AD scan 0:54
AD save 0:31

Boot Camp on MAC - file on Boot Camp PC partition
AD scan 0:51
AD save 0:26

P4 1.6 machine - standard PC compatible machine for reference
AD scan 1:36
AD save 0:34

Sample File used:
File Size: 186019844 ( 0.17 GB )
Program Duration: 00:13:08.07
File Type: PS - MPEG2
Encoding: MPEG 2
Video stream Id: xE0
Encoding Dimensions: 720 x 480
Display Size: 720 x 480
Aspect Ratio: 16/9
Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS
Bit Rate: 2.000 Mbps
VBV_Buffer: 224 KB
Profile: Main/Main
Progressive: Prog or Int
Chroma: 4:2:0
Audio Format: 2.0
Audio Stream Id: AC3: 0 (x80)
Audio Bit Rate: 256 Kbps
Audio Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz


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