Vedioredo and tivo MAK


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When using installing vedoredo v4 before I can open up programs I have to have the Tivo MAK. I have to install tivo desk top so that VRD can get the MAK. I am having a problem with auto push pytivo. If I do not install Tivo desktop auto push will work ok. Just as soon as I install the tivo desk top it stops working. I do not use Tivo desk top so I do not need it.
Are there a way to get vedioredo to work with out Installing Tivo desktop?


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VideoReDo exploits a small piece of TiVo Desktop to be able to decrypt .tivo files. Basically all we need is the TiVo DirectShow source filter and a properly set MAK. If we attempted to decrypt the .tivo files any other way it would technically be a violation of the DMCA and we could get sued, or worse.

That being said I believe that if you install TiVo Desktop, set your MAK, then uninstall it, it will leave behind the portion we need. Although it's been a while since I tried this so they may have changed that. Although it can't hurt to try. Basically if you can get .tivo files to play in Windows Media Player then they should open in VRD as well.


P.S. I have both pyTiVo and TiVo Desktop installed on my machine, and pyTiVo push works fine. You may want to check the ports pyTiVo is using and make sure they don't conflict with TiVo Desktop.
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