Version Output crashes VLC immediately


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I realize the quick answer is "VLC Must Be Broken", but whenever I let Version 6 of the program touch and save any stream, the output is almost always unusable by VLC (latest version). The input version works fine, but as soon as I make edits, VLC can no longer play either .mkv or mp4 format files. Running QuickStream Fix makes no difference.

Any ideas?


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Latest VRD beta is 828a and it fixed a 0% hang problem I had with 827.
I would also try older versions of VLC. Mine is 2.2.8 and works well.


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I'm not able to reproduce this. What version of VLC are you using? I did a check for update on mine and made sure I was running the latest version first. I then used the exact same version of VideoReDo as you to output to an MP4 and it played just fine. I even tried both MPEG-2 and H.264 video. So there is either an issue with the version of VLC you're using or your files are using an audio/video configuration I didn't try.
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