Version - Mar 23 2022: Batch Manager has begun crashing


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within the last 4-5 days my otherwise stable, licensed, installation of VideoReDo TV Suite ('s Batch Manager always crashes once I set it to Run. The first video convert (from an OTA *.ts file) doesn't even start processing to MP4. Same behavior with other file permutations (inputs MKV, MP4, MPG, WTV; outputs PM4, MPG). The Batch Manager just crashes after perhaps a second or two without any progress on the file. I can use the main program to select the whole file and save as an MP4 just fine. It is only the Batch Manager which has problems.

Other than perhaps a Windows update (including a I recall a .NET update) nothing has changed with my machine.
ASUS Prime Z690-P D4​
Intel i7-12700K​
Windows 11 21H2 (22000.832)​

Previously the machine has been running with this version of VideoReDo Suite since December 2021, updated with the most recent version when it was released in March. It used to rip through a 1080 file at 3500-5000 frames/sec.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success. Though, the reinstall does seem to know about many of my file locations and the license key so something persisted through the uninstall/install.

Any ideas, or where may I find the logs which will help with the fault trace? Or, are there comprehensive instructions to completely uninstall all of he program and its remnants so that I may try from scratch.



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1. There is this "unins000.exe" in the VRD folder. Have never run that file myself tho.

2. I've had to reboot my pc to fix some strange behavior.

3. VRD>Help>"Display VideoReDo log"
You can "clear" the log file and then recreate your problem and have a LOT less to go through.

4. I've also had to lower my cpu overclock.
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