Video Capture Made with Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket Closes VideoReDo at 38% Into Saving Video After Making Edits and Other Problems

Jim Elliott

I'm having problems with video captured with the Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket. See the attached file for what the video looks like in certain spots. I am using the device in stand-alone mode. I even reduced the bitrate from the maximum of 18 mb/s down to 14, and these problems still persist. Audio is HORRIBLY out-of-sync with the video, and after editing in VideoReDo and saving the video, it gets to 38% and then VideoReDo just closes. This is the second external Hauppauge device I've tried (the first was the HD PVR Pro 60), and it doesn't seem that I am having much luck. I will likely end up going back to my internal Colossus 2. Any ideas, folks, as to the cause of these problems? Thank you.




Your broadcast is likely full of stream errors. Try running Quickstream Fix first; if that doesn't fix it, probably nothing can. Been there before.


You should post more info on what you are doing to get the best suggestions.

Can you play the original recorded video ok on something like VLC or MPC-BE?

What you have said seems to indicate the recoded audio is ok (other than syncing to the video), but recoding video is the problem.
Maybe post a MediaInfo dump of the original Rocket file

What is your video source - OTA, cable HDMI, gamebox, camera?
What is your source resolution - 1080i, 1080p, 2K, 4K, something other.

Is your Rocket recording to SD card? - is the SD card rated fast enough for your resolution?

Have you tried recording Rocket to PC or laptop?
If PC, USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1? - are you using both Rocket USB plugs for full power?
What are the Hauppauge Capture settings - Are you scaling? What Profile setting? What Level? bframes?
Is your Hauppauge output set for VBR or CBR?

What CPU are you using to recode - is it powerful enough for what you are asking in the way of recoding?

Giving more info like above will get more informed help
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Jim Elliott

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Jim, FWIW, is your original question still open? If so, the following thread of mine might be relevant:

BTW, I seem to have been having more success with QSF lately, since I started invoking it via Tools→QuickStreamFix rather than via the editor’s FixStream button.
Otherwise I use BatchManager to Save As (without QSF) aTS file as Dan203 (my hero) hinted a while back, and this works for me every time.

As for the loss of lip sync, for me the first culprit is broken stream frames traceable to RF interference from thunderstorms or fridge doors etc., fixable as above. In addition my “Smart?” Samsung TV is slow to decode the compressed HD video stream. I find that in the context of my own gear it helps to set my Outputprofile’s’ AudioSyncAdjustment to something like -50mS.


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You are welcome.
A further tip: In Tools->Options->StreamParameters, I use the following settings for Resync and for Buffer sizes:
Good luck!

Detect/resync missing frames:​
'Resync – Remove Audio Frames'
Maximum audio frame errors:​
Buffer sizes:​
Min frames:​
Max frames:​
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