Video drivers needed to make VRD run?


Hi all

I've been using VRD for years on a Mac using virtualisation and a Windows VM. Sadly Apple's latest chips don't yet run Windows (and maybe never will) so I was wondering whether it was possible to make VRD work using Crossover - a bought version of WINE. This runs windows app without needing Windows.

It will happily install and launch, letting you change options etc. but won't open an mpeg2 - it fails when it tries to initialise the video using the VMR9 driver - which I presume is missing. I tried installing DirectX 9 into my 'bottle' (that's the windows bits that support the app) but that hasn't made any difference. I tried all the other video driver options as well, none of them work.

Does anyone know how I can get a suitable driver to install in my bottle, please?

I appreciate that what I am trying to do sounds weird, but the fact is that VRD is so much better than all the video editors for Mac that I don't want to leave it behind!

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Hi Dan, thanks for the link.

Somewhat to my astonishment, this actually works!

For the benefit of anyone else following this, I am using Crossover 20.0.4 in MacOS 11.2 Big Sur, VideoRedo TV Suite v6 After installing TV Suite I had to use Crossover's install software into bottle option to install 'DirectX for Modern Games' to install DirectX 9 and then 'Platform SDK Redistributable: GDI+' to install GDI+. In VRD options I set interlacing to off, disabled hardware YUV acceleration and used the GDI driver and...... voila! Video Redo on a Mac without the need for Windows. I'm using an M1 Apple Silicon laptop, but I imagine it should work on an Intel Mac as well. The M1 chip being super-fast, it seems perfectly acceptably responsive and processes very fast.

I have only tested this with a short mpg, but can't see any reason it won't work for other formats. I'll post back later with any updates.
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