Video Redo Plus with Tivo HD - no sound


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I've ripped a few DVD's and then used VideoRedo Plus v to do the quickstream fix and save the .VOB to .mpg format

I then use PyTivo to publish the videos and then simply transfer (I am NOT streaming them) to my TivoHD

What I am finding is that if I have VideoRedo select the Dobly Digital audio AC3 (5.1), it thinks this is x81 for the audio and while the resulting .mpg file will play on a PC, the Tivo HD won't output audio.

If, however, I select the AC3-2 channel , then VideoRedo shows x80 for the audio stream and then I get audio. But obviously not in dolby digital 5.1

I'm not sure if this is a Tivo limitation (I don't think it is???) but just found it very odd. Is there some setting I need to change in VideoRedo for the .mpg file to have the proper encoding for the Tivo to handle?
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