VideoReDo How to CUT and Save Cut Selection?


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Hey, I need some help over here.
I recorded a MMA championship and I need to cut long recording video.
I've cutted and selected the cut place, but I don't know how to save that cutted place.Can somebody explain me, how?
There is a "Save Video" button which opens a "Save As" window where you set the save location and name.
Then you click on the "Save" button in that window.


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Keep in mind that the portion that's saved is the green section. So if you've cut the section you want then you need to use the "Invert all cuts" button to reverse everything and make the portion you want to keep green. If this is something you do a lot you might want to consider switching to scene mode. In scene mode everything starts off red and you select scenes you want to keep rather than selecting sections you want to cut out.
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