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Download VideoReDo Plus Beta 3-10-3-629d

VideoReDo Plus -
[Enhancement] GUI: Added option to Tool>Options>File types to automatically add an opened file type to the default file list.
[Enhancement] Localization: Added Spanish translations.
[Enhancement] MPEG2 streams: New Shift+T>O, 0000017, Remove duplicate SD NTSC closed captions, removes double captions on Comcast Tivo SD.
[Change] Audio MPEG1 Layer: Tightened up timing tolerances for 44.1KHz audio.
[Change] Audio recoding: New library code for audio sampling rate change that doesn't use intel libs.
[Change] COM: Calling SetFilterDimensions( -1, -1) will trigger automatic filtering with the most common dimension in the file.
[Change] GOP Reduction: Removed "spread GOP reduction evenly" from Shift+Tools>Options as this has been the default for years.
[Change] MPEG2 output: If "diagnostics" enabled on the Tools>Options>Stream page, video buffer dumps will have file offsets.
[Change] MPEG2 output: If video PTS resets in the middle of a file a single missing audio frame could crash buffer overflow or crash.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: Auto-mux rate, when multi-audio enabled, is now set to max of calculated bit rate or video header bit rate.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: If doing smart cutting and profile has CBR enabled, leave the output stream as CBR.
[Change] Output processing: Release display frame buffers during save to reduce memory. ( Disable using shift+Tools>Options 0000073 to 0 ).
[Change] QSF filter: Filter dialog now reports number of times a particular dimension was found.
[Change] Registration: Updated to Version 8 of license manager.
[Change] TS Muxer: If the source stream was a TS without PMTs, the output file would not have a PMT if "use existing PIDS" selected.
[Change] TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, allow the user to set a manual mux rate. If 0, use default of 3.75 Mbps.
[Change] TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, turn on QuadByte alignment.
[Change] TS Output options: If user specifies manual PIDS, they must start at 16 (x10) instead of 1.
[Change] Topfield TS files: Special EchoStar file check interfered with feature to auto build a program map from raw data.
[Fix] COM: Calling FileOpen in silent mode could display a file open error message rather than just returning an error.
[Fix] COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background.
[Fix] French translation: Translation error causing "Tip of the day" to display incorrectly and/or hang.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: If source was mpeg2 program stream, T>O>Stream "MB to scan at open" was not being calculated properly. (629d)
[Fix] Navigation: Pressing 'back frame' (left arrow) at start of file, would advance one frame.
[Fix] Plus3: SxS errors when running with non-english languages.
[Fix] QSF Filter: Number of sample points was not being properly saved in the registry and would always default to 8.
[Fix] QSF: Enable filters adds duplicate entries to the drop-down list if Rescan pressed.
[Fix] TS Muxer: If video lost many frames, but audio or subtitles were OK, muxer could get packet overflow.
[Fix] Tivo TS: If TiVo-TS file has encrypted PMT packets, file might not open.
[Fix] Unpack error: On some systems license manager could cause unpack error when program is launched.

VideoReDo Plus -
[Fix] WTV files: Metadata was not being read if there were non-ascii characters in the file name or folder.
[Change] Configuration wizard: Remove extra "\" when attempting to add Desktop.ini to Recorded TV. Aesthetic change only.
[Change] DVD Project: Cannot specify a UNC path for VIDEO_TS folder. (Worked in build 564).
[Fix] Titling / Joiner: Adding title to the joiner before adding any video causes problems during output.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: Saving from mpeg to TS, or WTV, audio PID not being properly set.
[Fix] GUI: Time code at 40:00.00 would display as 30:00.00 if the frame rate was 59.94.
[Fix] Installer: When registering COM object, installer may launch configuration wizard as admin and then again as regular user.
[Fix] Batch/COM: Do not reset window position and maximized status when running silent batch.
[Change] MPEG2 DVR-MS: Teletext captions would report error of caption too large for buffer.
[Change] H.264 TS: If TS file didn't have a program map (or ignore PMT checked), H.264 files reported as no video fouund instead of unsupported.
[Fix] MPEG2 DVR-MS: Some Australian DVR-MS created incorrect output file size estimates causing DVD authoring issues.
[Change] GUI: Intelligent warning if attempting to open MP4 or MKV file.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If the source file is MPEG2 with a bit rate > 9.5 Mbps, we will recode down the 9.5 Mbps.
[Fix] AC3 Demuxing: Resyncing triggered if TS AC3 streams switched from non-aligned to aligned,

VideoReDo Plus -
[Critical] Ability to save to transport stream stopped working.
[Enhancement] MPEG2 streams: Much improved support when video dimension changes. Does not yet handle frame rate changes.
[Change] Audio resync: Use the resync sensititivy in the Tools>Options>Advanced stream to set the muxer resync threshold.
[Change] Installer: Installer will now always automatically register VideoReDo Batch COM objects. Uninstaller will remove.
[Change] Log file: Show an encoded version of the user's name in the log rather than actual name.
[Change] MPEG2 QSF: If source is NTSC/ATSC, rebuild all temporal references if T>O>Stream make all I-frames GOP is set.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: If source is NTSC/ATSC & Tivo and duplicate temporal references are found, rebuild temporal refs.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: Improve detection of bad audio frames at start of file that look valid but aren't and created silent playback.
[Change] NTSC/ATSC captions: The display closed captions settings is now persistent, i.e. remembered between file opens.
[Change] Output processing: Round off error in frame rate caluclation (23.795 vs 23.976) caused output logic to fail.
[Change] Output status dialog: Widen the dialog and fields to support longer strings required by some translations.
[Change] Program Information: Add support for profiles and levels, 4:2:2@Main and 4:2:2@High.
[Change] QSF dialog allowed input and output to have the same name resulting in source file being cleared.
[Change] QSF: Changed the output file name edit box to read-only so that the user must browse and select an output profile.
[Change] Tivo files: Temporal reference numbers suddenly double in the middle of a GOP causing frame to be removed.
[Change] Tivo output: Don't allow TiVo output unless source file is also TiVo file
[Change] Tip of the day: Corrected "tip", Video card acceleration is on the Tools>Options>Playback page, not the general page.
[Change] Trim and copy: An extra "." could appear in the file name if the currently open video came from a project file.
[Change] TS Muxer: Auto mux rate when not recoding. Set mux rate from source file estimated video bitrate instead of sampling.
[Change] TS Muxer: Profile and level not being picked up properly when using newer 4:2:2 profile escape codes.
[Change] TS Muxer: Reduce the frequency for null packet insertion to reduce instance of PTS underflow.
[Change] TS Streams: Use est bit rate and source file mux rate to verify or automatically set the output mux rate.
[Fix] Batch: If source file has DVD subtitles and you try to process in COM/batch with a VPRJ, output may hang or crash.
[Fix] Manifest files: MFCLOC.manifest was incorrectly formatted. Extra "version=" in the XML.
[Fix] MPEG2 LPCM: Buffer size calculation incorrect resulting in out of memory when trying to open MPEG2 PS w/LPCM audio.
[Fix] Queue to batch: BPRJ file is being saved in destination folder when "Store BPRJ in Source Folder" is checked.
[Fix] Registry: Renamed, "Sepcial: DisableLogicalFileSort", to "Special: DisableLogicalFileSort".
[Fix] Thumbnails: Sequence end code in the middle of a stream could cause thumbnail strip to partially draw.
[Fix] Tools>Options>General: Clearing the recent files and folders list will clear the file menu most recent file list.

VideoReDo Plus -
[Change] WTV: WTV support has been removed from Plus V3. Further development of WTV will be in Version 4.
[Enhancement] Tools>Options>Navigation: Added IFrame seek setting. Jumps more than xx seconds will jump to nearest IFrame.
[Change] VMR7/VMR9: Enable YUV acceleration for all new installs. Used to automatically turn on for HD.
[Change] VMR7/VMR9: Don't enable acceleration if acceleration not checked on T>O>Playback devices and driver is VMR. (Fix for Fusion 3).
[Change] TS Streams: Increased the number of sync bytes check to confirm file is TS type from 9 to 30.
[Change] TS output: AC3 audio for PAL video won't play in Windows Media Player. Add new TS output options to allow ATSC PMT format.
[Change] Transport files: Number of places in a TS to check the PMTs moved from Shift+Tools>Options to Tools>Options>Stream
[Change] Tools>Trim and Copy: Issue warning if trying to do a Trim on files that shouldn't be trimmed: MP4, DVR-MS, WTV.
[Change] Thumbnails: If displaying a "pseudo frame" don't show I/P/B indicator.
[Change] Thumbnails: Default for audio graph scale will be DB rather than auto-scale. Affects new installs only.
[Change] Thumbnails: Added additional scaling options of -36db and -48 db to the thumbnail graph.
[Change] Project: save Enable File>Save Project menu option if a bookmark is added.
[Change] New desktop icon: For Vista and Windows 7.
[Change] Languages: Added Czech, and new updates for Finnish.
[Change] Joiner project: Save joiner project now split into "Save" and "Save As..."
[Change] COM: Can now control multiple instances of VideoReDo when running in silent mode.
[Fix] TS streams: Number of times program maps read was not being reset when scanning multiple sections of a file.
[Fix] Transport streams: Improved end of file logic to better detect and parse final frame in the file.
[Fix] Tivo output: TiVo header incorrectly copied when source was a Tivo-TS stream.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Wrong frames could be displayed after resizing window, but would be OK after a seek.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Thumbnail display could display wrong frames is Max Thumbnails is set and you are displaying few than max TNs.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Navigation can cause multiple frames to not be displayed. (Broken in build 585)
[Fix] Thumbnails: MPEG2 removed sliding frame optimizations and fixed intermittent display problem when 3:2 pulldown present.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Audio graph doesn't always display completely. Broken in build 585.
[Fix] Thumbnail Audio Graph: Graph could be shortened with AC3 audio and video at 59.97.
[Fix] Side by side errors: File, Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC.manifest was causing SxS errors. Updated version number.
[Fix] Joiner: VRD would crash if a file in the joiner list was missing. Will now check that required files exist.
[Fix] Joiner: Joiner could hang during output if source files had at least one subtitle stream.
[Fix] Joiner: If there is no open file, joiner wouldn't run because default output filename was blank.
[Fix] Clear recent file list: Clearing recent file list did not clear the file menu until program was restarted.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] Audio playback: Audio could stutter or get out of sync when running on some Core I7 systems.
[Change] Log file: Append version number to log file name via Shift+Tools>Options: "9. Append VideoReDo version to log filename"

VideoReDo Plus -
[Change] Video playback: VMR7 driver not working with remote desktop (RDP) or in virtual machine.
[Change] TS Muxer: Automatically report video bit rate in log file when an underflow is encountered.
[Change] Thumbnails: New thumbnail option to limit the maximum number of displayed thumbnails to speed up editing if using large window.
[Change] GUI: Error message reporting changed to use new Vista-style task dialog.
[Fix] TS streams: If "Ignore TS Maps" is checked, AC3 streams will be labeled properly in the Select Stream dialog.
[Fix] TS Muxer: Invalid seq. hdr profile can cause underflows in the transport buffer. TB exit rate will now be >= the mux rate.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Last thumbnail in file was not always being displayed.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Extra re-draw of thumbnail bar on slower systems with HD video and long thumbnail intervals.
[Fix] QuickStream Fix: If filtering MPEG2 file by video dimension, frames could be skipped if PTS was reset at the dimension change.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: If video had picture struct not equal 3, demuxing could cause duplicate temporal references and missed frames.

VideoReDo Plus -
[Change] Updated translations: French, Finnish, German.
[Change] QuickStream Fix: If source file is changed via the browse button, the output filename edit box will be cleared.
[Change] QuickStream Fix: Default QSF input folder now kept separately from video open input folder.
[Change] Installation wizard: If running DX or DX-Multimon, will automatically reconfigure video driver to VMR7.
[Fix] Project save: Clicking on Project Save would prompt for project filename twice. (broken in 582).
[Fix] Language libraries: Libraries could cause a windows SXS error due to missing manifest file.

VideoReDo Plus -
[Change] Transport stream: Removed shift+Tools>Opt #11, #12 & #13,"Number of TS packets..." replaced by MBytes to scan on T>O>Streams.
[Change] Tools>Show Program Info, report transport stream mux rate of currently opened file. Accurate to about 3%.
[Change] Thumbnails: Frame type display can be repositioned using View>Thumbnail options.
[Change] Stream processing: New shift+Tools>Options #22, Restore missing 'progressive flags', to repair improperly encoded 3:2 pulldown.
[Change] Shift+Tools>Options: Added new button to copy contents to the clipboard and log file.
[Change] QuickStreamFix: If output filename is already filled in, and user selects output "..." button, do not reset output filename.
[Change] Joiner: Allow joining of 1920 x 1080 and 1920 x 1088 video as they are both encoded as 1920 x 1088.
[Change] I/O routines: Added additional logging of BitOutStream "File Access" errors to the log file.
[Change] GUI: New "Join or Combine dialog box with an "Auto QSF options" when combining.
[Change] GUI: Added new shift+Tools>Options, #26 Enable right-click menu options, to permit disabling of right-click context menu.
[Change] GOP cuts: In scene mode fix GOP cutting so that cutting on last P-Frame of a GOP doesn't trigger an extra GOP in the output.
[Change] File open: Unable to open a program stream file that happened to have 6 transport stream sync bytes near start of file.
[Change] File open: Added shift+Tools>Options "32 Use 'simple' not 'logical' file sort at open " when opening multiple files.
[Change] DVR-MS: Output with tagging disabled will now show closed captions on an Xbox360 media extender.
[Change] DVR-MS output: Saving to DVR-MS under Vista no longer requires UAC disabled or "run as admin" privleges.
[Change] DVR-MS metadata: If source file is non-dvrms and user doesn't request metadata prompt, use metadata from Tools>Opts>MCE.
[Change] Batch processing: Batch file now stored in Application rather than log file folder and uses XML formatting.
[Change] Audio processing: Added code to ignore non-standard stream from Phillips DVDR7250H/05 HDD recorder.
[Change] Ad-Detective: Added new priority setting "Lowest" to Common parameters tab to use "Background" (Vista) or "Lowest" (XP/2K).
[Change] Ad-Detective: "Lowest" priority will set to level 1, Idle.
[Enhancement] Transport stream: Added option on the Tools>Options>Transport stream page to add the GeoSatPro header.
[Enhancement] Thumbnails: New option to display frame type (I, P or B) in each thumbnail.
[Enhancement] DVR-MS: Automatically recover from corrupt files.
[Enhancement] Batch processing: Batch processing scripts, vp.vbs and adscan.vbs, will display % complete while processing.
[Fix] Transport stream: Would only scan 1MB of file to decide if TS format. Will now scan based on Tools>Options>Stream "MB to scan"
[Fix] Transport stream: If end of file reached while searching for intiial PAT, default to ignore TS stream maps.
[Fix] Transport stream: Deeper search for video stream if multiple PMT packets found before first video stream packet.
[Fix] Transport stream muxer: Very high (> 25 Mbps) mux rates could trigger PTS underflows due to rounding errors.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Audio graph missing or off by a number of frames. Problem introduced in beta 572.
[Fix] Stream processing: Video playback corrupt if multiple video streams in a program stream.
[Fix] Replace cuts: If a new cut overlapped multiple cuts, 2nd and subsequent cuts would be replaced even if combine were selected.
[Fix] Project open: If video in project file is not found, and user selects a replacement file, an error is till thrown.
[Fix] Project files: Automatic search for video file in the same folder as the project file not working.
[Fix] Open DVD File: Chapter marks not properly placed when using "Open title from DVD"
[Fix] MPEG Audio: We were not properly rejecting spurious header ( 256KB / mono) in all cases causing silent audio.
[Fix] DVRMS: VideoReDo was not removing filler samples during saves causing minor pixelation in output file.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Saving HD material in DVR-MS can cause very slow seeking and error messages.
[Fix] DVR-MS: DVR-MS files created by converting .wtv in Windows 7 were loosing closed captions in TVSuite.
[Fix] DVR-MS: corrupt audio data could force internal switch from AC3 to MPEG, but not back to AC3.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Metadata variable, WM/WMRVProgramID, now cleared when saving to DVR-MS so that thumbnails will display.
[Fix] DVR-MS output: Some Vista recorded dvr-ms files would crash when saved as DVR-MS on MCE 2005 due to WM/PICTURE metadata.
[Fix] Combine or Join prompt: Doesn't apply if source files have headers, such as DVR-MS, WTV, MP4, etc.
[Fix] Audio: Improved error detection for certain types of bad AC3 frames to avoid program crash during playback.
[Fix] Audio processing: Subtly corrupt MPEG audio frames could crash VRD during playback or recoding.
[Fix] AC3 decoding: Sampling rate incorrectly detected if source file was .vob or .mpg. Might show as "invalid AC3 frames"

VideoReDo Plus -
[Change] Preferred audio: This Tools>Options>General setting can be changed without restarting VideoReDo to have the change take effect.
[Change] Open DVD Folder: Added ability to open a title by double clicking on it.
[Change] GUI: Added option to Tools>Options>General to show the full path in the title bar.
[Fix] Autosave: Running multiple instance of VideoReDo Plus would incorrectly warn about existence of autosave files.
[Fix] Stream processing: Improved error checking if there is an absence of a picture header for multiple MBytes.
[Fix] Select stream: If source file is a program stream, multiple audio streams not always detected. Stream detection improved.
[Fix] Open DVD Folder: If the title has multiple angles, warn user that the title may not be supported.
[Fix] File open DVD: If auto QSF is selected, the QSF is done, but original DVD .vlst is opened even though ititle bar shows QSF name.
[Fix] DVR-MS: DVR-MS files were not honoring preferred audio parameter from Tools>Options>General page.
[Fix] COM: FileOpenBatch and FileOpenBatchPIDs don't work starting with Build 600

VideoReDo Plus -
[Fix] 600 Beta Joiner broken

VideoReDo Plus
Welcome to the next generation of the VideoReDo Plus. Retaining the same look and feel as previous versions of VideoReDo Plus, this version has substantial internal improvements including the ability to handle Tivo HD. Plus and TVSuite now share the same fundamental code base which will allow us to maintain future versions of both products on a quicker timetable.

In this version there are three major GUI / option changes:
1) We have added the ability to open files directly from a DVD folder from the file menu.
2) On the Tools>Options>General page, you can select the prefered audio type. Previous versions would open the first audio stream encountered.
3) For DVR-MS users: On the Tools>Options>DVR-MS/MCE page, there is a new option called "Tag". If you are using DVR-MS on Vista and are not able to see the thumbnails on files saved by VideoReDo Plus, try unchecking this option and resaving the file.

Note 1, We recommend that you install the beta into a seperate folder from your current version of VideoReDo Plus.
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Plus beta 601 has been posted. Joiner problem in 600 has been fixed.


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Plus beta 602 has been posted. Please see release notes above for changes.

Note, if you have a DVR-MS file that starts with MPEG audio but switches to AC3 and are having trouble opening the AC3, try the following:

1) On the Tools>Options>General page, set the preferred to AC3.
2) On the Tools>Options>Stream page, set the Mbytes to scan to make sure you include the video with the AC3 audio.

To determine a good value for "Mbytes to scan," open the file and, with thumbnails displayed, navigate to where the audio is no longer displayed. Then click on the "Switch" button in the lower right of the screen and see where in the file the cursor is positioned.


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VideoReDo Plus Beta 603 has been posted. Please see the change log above for a list of all the changes.


1) This beta now has support for multiple languages. If you are interested in editing an existing translation, or creating a new one (Spanish would be nice :) ), please contact Pat (user PHD) on the message board or via email at support @

2) We are getting very close to release of a new version of Plus so please let us know if you spot any issues with this build.

3) Update: This build addresses the Vista SP2 / Comodo problem. We can't get it to fail here so if you've had the problem please give the beta a try and let us know if this build fixes it.
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Beta 604 has been posted.

There's an important change in this release. We would like to remove the DX and DX-multimon video driver support in future builds to provide additional functionality.

To this end, when you run the configuration wizard, if you are using those video drivers, the configuration wizard will automatically switch you to the VMR7 driver. We believe that the VMR7 driver should be a seamless replacement for the DX drivers, but if not, you can revert back by going to the Tools>Options>Playback devices page. Please let us know, via an email to support @ if the VMR7 driver causes any issues for you.


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Beta has been posted.

1) Note the new version number and that the build number has been changed from 603 to 585. We are changing the way we handle version numbers. In this case:

  • 3 - Major version.
  • 10 - Product code, and minor build. 10-19 is reserved for VideoReDo Plus.
  • 1 - Release number.
  • 585 - build number. The build number represents the specific code base used to make the build. We now have multiple products (with more on the way), so all products built with a specific build number come from the same code base.

Please see the release notes above for a list of changes in this release.


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Build has been posted.

Important fix for some Core I7 Systems where audio might stutter or get out sync during playback. Didn't affect output.


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Build has been posted.

Lots of mostly minor fixed and changes. Please see release notes above for changes.

WTV support has been removed from Build 596 and will be supported in Plus V4, when available. If you need use WTV support, in its present form, please continue to use 586.
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Build has been posted.

Critical update to re-enable transport stream output.


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Build has been posted.

1) Corrects a problem with WTV files with teletext converted to DVR-MS by the Microsoft DVR-MS > WTV convertor.

Please see release notes for list of changes.


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Build has been posted.

1) Fixes an incompatibility with some MSoft updated and hot fixes that prevent the program from starting.

2) Problem with French translation when "Tip of the day" was enabled.

Please see release notes for list of changes.
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