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Beta build TVSuite V4, is now available.


If posting comments, bug reports, etc. about this release, please confine them to this beta sub-forum.

We suggest installing this build into its own folder and double checking the output before deleting your source files.

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H264 Editing - (Released 2014-06-04)
[Enhancement] H.264: H.264 re-coding can be sped up with options: "Presets" and "Slices per frame" on Profile>Advanced Encoding Options
[Fix] H.264: If PTS clock wraps, to a value later than the first clock in the file, output can hang.
[Fix] GUI: Program would crash at file open if running VMR7 or VMR9 video and audio device was disabled.

H264 Editing - (Released 2014-04-21)
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Improper PCM format for MP4/MKV, changed from little endian to big endian.
[Fix] Profile: Target file size did not work when set to >4.2GB
[Fix] WTV: Reading WTV files could crash when a bad audio language packet encountered.
[Fix] WTV: Reader error causes occasional un-seekable file, due to bug introduced in 672.

H264 Editing - (Released 2014-04-01)
[Change] Resizing: Turn on anti-aliasing when reducing image size to reduce shimmering.
[Fix] Transport stream: Not all PIDs were found when the PAT was spread across two transport stream packets.
[Fix] GUI; Tivo PS file from Series 2 could hang/abort while seeking.
[Fix] H.264: Possible sync issue when joining many H.264 files and file starts with IDR frame with POC LSB > 0.

H264 Editing - (Released 2014-02-26)
[Change] WTV reader: Excessive logging in the wtv reader could substantially slow down source file reading.
[Fix] MPEG2 Recoding: Dual pass encoding from MPEG2 or H264 could hang (TOD) especially when authoring DVDs.
[Fix] H.264: Improved error handling when the source file has some corruption that requires removing missing frames.

H264 Editing - (Released 2013-12-17)
[Enhancement] H.264: Avermedia, frame rate test fails on Avermedia SD files.
[Change] MPEG2: Saving to MPEG2 to MP4 format will use XDCAM codec types.
[Change] H.264: Smart encoding, incorrectly encoded PlayOn HD files (Level 3.0) would error when smart cutting.
[Change] H.264: Smart encoding, allow files that have incorrect profile / level to be smart encoded.
[Fix] MPEG2 decoder: Incorrectly encoded MPEG2 file was interpreted by the IPP decoder as MPEG1.
[Fix] H.264: Avermedia, some Avermedia files could have small FPS differences, 59.942 instead of 59.941 messing up Avermedia check.

H264 Editing - (Released 2013-12-06)
[Fix] GUI: Crash when opening most file types (broken in 673).

H264 Editing - (Released 2013-12-05)
[Change] H.264: Files were slow to open when multi-audio = 0, preferred audio was any, and max bytes to scan was > 20 MB.
[Fix] Tivo transport streams: Tivo transport streams could result in buffer overlow and pixelation due to change in Tivo file format.
[Fix] H.264: GOP accurate cuts could create sync issues if there are lots of out-of-order frames after the GOP start.
[Fix] H.264: Unable to open file if fixed frame rate flag not set in SPS vui_parameters, but frame rate info is present.
[Fix] MPEG2: Possible buffer overflow during output when multi-audio enabled and an audio stream drops out completely.
[Fix] H.264: When previewing edits, sometimes audio could not be heard.
[Fix] MKV output: MKV files with MPEG2 video crash PowerDVD and cause problems in other players.

H264 Editing - (Released 2013-11-05)
[Change] WTV: Added fix to WTV reader that allows it to get past corrupt data
[Fix] H.264: Improved error checking in build 671 prevented certain incorrectly encoded streams from saving properly.
[Fix] Transport stream: Fix in 671 could prevent LATM AAC not being detected when there wasn't a program map.

H264 Editing -

[Change] Output: Added new shift+T>O, "Disable secondary syncing in the muxer" to disable secondary syncing in the muxer.
[Change] H.264: Annex B start code without intervening NAL would prevent file from opening. (Incorrectly formatted stream).
[Fix] H.264: Re-wrote resyncing logic. Will now work much better when source has no "B" frames (baseline profile).
[Fix] H.264: Smart encoding, reduce SAR width and height to be less than 1024 for baseline profile.
[Fix] AAC: LOAS/LATM could report the wrong channel count while playing and distort the audio.
[Fix] MPEG2: Improve file opening speed when there are lots of MBytes of corrupt, encrypted or miss frames at EOF.
[Fix] MPEG2: Doing a QSF on VOB could result in buffer overflows or excessive resync when shit+T>O, 67 multi-audio = 1.
[Fix] H.264: Certain types of frame corruption could trigger abort on output when saving to MP4/MKV. QSF wouldn't fix.
[Fix] Transport stream: Improve detection of AAC ADTS vs. MPEG1 Layer 2 when there is no program map.
[Fix] Version check: If local router or ISP returns a page rather than HTTP error, our code might GPF.

H264 Editing - (2013-08-14)
[Enhancement] Translation: Added infrastructure and DLLs for Russian translation.
[Change] Licensing: New trial key request page.
[Fix] H.264: If save/QSF removed frames for sync and you resaved the edited file again, additional frames were removed.
[Fix] File name issue: Unable to open or save files if certain non-latin characters in folder name (Czech, Russion, Chinese).
[Fix] Joiner: Timing issue could cause joiner to intermittently hang when subtitles are present.
[Fix] H.264: Unable to open file if fixed frame rate flag not set in SPS vui_parameters, but frame rate info is present.
[Fix] H.264: File would open, but not play if all frames had an SPS NAL as each frame was marked as GOP start.
[Change] Licensing: New trial key request page.

H264 Editing - (2013-06-30)
[Enhancement] GUI: Updated German translations
[Enhancement] H.264: Enabled support previewing edits (experimental).
[Fix] Transport Stream: Change transport stream reader to ignore encrypted packets. Caused crash if more than 100 MB at EOF.
[Fix] H.264 Ad Detective: Dimension change during Ad Detective scan could crash if QSF option selected.
[Fix] DVD Burner: DVD burner would not recognize discs for some users
[Fix] Joiner: File seek cache not cleared on second or later files when adding to joiner (Internal).
[Fix] Joiner: Multi-audio MPEG2 in rare circumstance get temporarily out of sync resulting in dropping of valid video frames.
[Fix] MPEG2: Changed output routines so that resync test is called for each GOP output. Previous code could skip some GOPs.
[Fix] Closed captioning: When converting 59.94 fps to 29.97 fps (e.g. to DVD), 608/708 captions were improperly formatted.
[Fix] WTV output: Saving to WTV with 608/708 captions would strip the 708 portion of the captions.
[Fix] Close captioning: With some files & closed captioning on, Ad-Detective is slow due to excessive "Caption buffer full" in log.

H264 Editing - (2013-05-07)
[Enhancement] GUI: Embedded translation tools with install, enabled via tools menu when feature selected on Tools>Options>Startup
[Enhancement] Log file: Add upload log file to customer support to the Help menu.
[Change] Log file: When diagnostic level >= basic, program information in log at file save was old single audio format, not new format.
[Change] GUI: Subtract 0.001 from the NPT display, so that NPT is 1 msec less than the actual start of frame PTS.
[Fix] Audio: Recoding AAC SBR mono picked up as 24 K sampling rate instead of 48K. Hangs when transcoding audio.
[Fix] MPEG2/H264: QSF could crash if source PIDs disappear in middle of the file. E.g. User recorded show + data service.
[Fix] MPEG2: Recoding malformed MPEG2 with sequence end code in the middle of a GOP could cause dropped frames and sync issues.

H264 Editing - (2013-04-21)
[Enhancement] GUI: Option to display Cablelabs NPT in the time code window. Enable via Tools>Options>Navigation.
[Enhancement] GUI: Right click on time code to copy the current time code to the clipboard.
[Change] Joiner: When adding a file to joiner report BOTH audio and video mismatches at the same time.
[Fix] H.264 output: TiVo files not copying metadata
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Converting AC3 audio to MPEG1 Layer 2, audio gets out of sync and output stalls.
[Fix] MPEG2: Fixing / resyncing corrupt video and saving to MP4/MKV could result in muxer abort due to bad DTS.
[Fix] Output profiles: If dimension change during recode could crash if original video dimensions are greater than changed dimensions.
[Fix] Version check: Beta version check wasn't being automatically updated to recognize current build on existing installations.

H264 Editing - (2013-04-04)
[Change] H.264: Detect incorrect Avermedia 1080i MP4 files which are labelled as 59.94 but are actually 29.97 fps.
[Change] H.264: (INTERNAL) When opening file, both SPS and IDR NALs would increase GOP count. Disable IDR when SPS found.
[Fix] MPEG2: Out of sync if an output segment is exactly one GOP.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If converting audio from 44.1Khz to 48 KHz, time stamps are off by 0.75 msec / audio frame triggering resyncs.
[Fix] MPEG2: Resync video frames could removed due to error at end of output segment (broken in 657)
[Fix] H.264 smart edit: Output encoder initialization error for AverMedia videos with POC type 2 that has reference frames.
[Fix] WMV: Can't recode to WMV in batch, works OK in normal save.
[Fix] 608/708 closed captions: When recoding from MPEG2 to H264, captions would not convert properly if source was telecined.

H264 Editing - (2013-03-29)
[Enhancement] H.264: Enable support for reading H.264 program streams.
[Enhancement] Version Check:Option on Tools>Option>Startup to allow checking for beta builds in addition to release builds.
[Change] Audio sync adjust: Using page-up / page-down to adjust sync will change in 50 msec increments instead of 400 msec increments
[Change] Version Check: Re-organized layout and controls for version check on Tools>Options>Start up.
[Fix] GUI: (INTERNAL) Change how View > Display properties values are stored in the application settings.
[Fix] H.264 ES muxing: Might crash at start of muxing.
[Fix] MPEG2: By default, when saving a CBR file with default profiles, the output video ES would be null padded to achieve CBR
[Fix] Output profiles: When manually adjusting volume & codec is MPEG1 L2, & bit rate is 256 Kbps, output would not be recoded.
[Fix] Profile: Setting resolution to SAS (same as source) incorrectly forced a recode.
[Fix] Program stream muxing: If recoding audio, audio frames could lag video frames by multiple seconds causing player issues (including TVSuite).
[Fix] Program stream: A corrupt start code in CheckForProgramStream would return MPEG2_CODEC, now continue search for codec type.

H264 Editing - (2013-03-14)
[Enhancement] GUI: Added ability to save / restore / clear settings to a .vset file on the Tools>Options>Startup page.
[Enhancement] MPEG / H264: If audio stream disappears from source file while saving, continue saving remaining streams. Used to overflow.
[Change] File open: When opening default audio stream, pick choose the audio with the lowest PID
[Fix] MPEG2: Unable to select LPCM streams with Tools>Select Stream (Ctrl-Q) when source file is program stream.
[Fix] MPEG2: Excessive audio buffer allocation when there are multiple LPCM streams.
[Fix] MPEG2: Elementary stream muxer not working for MPEG2 elementary streams.
[Fix] GUI: After saving, the " * " unsaved indicator in the main window caption isn't removed.
[Fix] File save dialog: Add back Alt+Q (queue to batch) accelerator which was accidentally dropped in the new file save dialog.
[Fix] Joiner: Joining 2 MPEG2 program streams with preferred audio not equal "auto" crashes before save dialog.
[Fix] MPEG2 > H.264 MP4: Crash creating MP4 chapters when using joiner.
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Beta Build 656 has been posted.

There are three new options on the Tools>Options>Start up page to: Save / Restore and Clear your settings. The settings still remain in the registry, but this feature provides an easier technique to manage them as a group. By default, the settings are saved in your log file folder with the file type ".VSet". If you are to look at the .VSet file you'll see that it's a standard XML file.

For those users who have had a problem upgrading from 629 to 656 we had recommended an uninstall / reinstall to reset your settings. However, starting with 656, we would prefer that you try to clear the settings via these new options. Your existing settings will automatically be saved and if the clear resolves your upgrade issues, we ask that you email the .VSet file, as an attachment, to us at support "at" along with a brief description of your symptoms. This will help us track down which setting(s) from 629 is triggering the problem with 656.

Also in this release is a fix to address the mutli-audio buffer overflow when one of the audio streams disappears in the middle of a file. We certainly hope this improves your experience.

Finally, I did some thread management and may have list the email subscription list to this thread So if you didn't receive notification of this post, please re-subscribe. We will be adding an automatic "beta version" check to the product very soon to make notifications of new betas automatic within VideoReDo itself.

Please see the release notes for a full list of changes.


Beta Build 657 has been posted.

1) We will now check and announce new beta builds from within TVSuite. You can control this from Tools>Options>Start up. Note: You won't see any automatic announcements until 658.

2) Fixed H264 ES muxing.

3) Fixed problem when saving CBR encoded files, the output file could be many times the size of the source.

See release notes for all changes.


Beta Build 658 has been posted.

1) Fixed MPEG2 save error from 657 (sorry!).

Please see change log for all changes.


Beta Build 659 has been posted.

1) Fixed beta notification, should no longer keep notifying you after you've installed new beta.

2) Fix audio output issue when authoring DVD and converting from AC3 / AAC to Mpeg1 Layer 2.

3) When adding to joiner, both audio and video mismatches are reported at the same time.

4) When recoding video, if the dimensions change, the video recoder will resize the changed dimensions to the desired output dimensions. However, this will only work if the resizer is included in the first place. For example: say the video is 1920x1080 changing to 720x480. If you output at 1920 x 1080, even if recoding, the resizer isn't included in the output processing chain the the 720x480 will not be resized. However, using the same video: 1920 x 1080 changing to 720x480 and output at 720x480, then resizer will be included in the output chain and the entire video will be recoded to 720x480.


Beta Build 661 has been posted.

1) Small VideoReDo.Log files (up to 5MB) can now be uploaded to our support site directly from the help menu. Also automatically sends email to support.

2) The translation tools have been integrated directly into the product. To enable, go to Tools>Options>Startup and click on "Enable Translation Tools". This will add an option to the Tools menu.

If you are interested in helping us with translation / localization, please let me know. It's really easy to do, and even if you only want to spend a few minutes on it, your help would be appreciated.

Please see release notes for other changes and fixes.


Beta Build 665 has been posted.

1) Much much improved German translation.

2) Preview mode now available for H.264 (FINALLY!).

3) Updated DVD burning libraries should improve media recognition.
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Beta Build 666 has been posted.

1) Fix for unicode folder names for Chinese, Czech, and Rusian versions of Windows.

2) This build has different trial keys from previous versions. Not an issue for registered users, but non-registered users will NOT be able to use prior versions.


Beta Build 670 has been posted.

1) Rewrote sync logic for MPEG2 when multi-audio = 1, no longer need to disable multi-audio to QSF a DVD.

2) Totally re-wrote the H.264 syncing when multi-audio = 1. Old version could fail if there were sync issues and source was baseline profile, i.e. no B frames. Note, if you have really long GOPs, like 10 or 20 seconds it can take a whole GOP (or even longer if there are severe issues) to get back into sync.

Please see release notes above for other changes.


Build Build 672 has been posted.

1) IMPORTANT: Fixes problem with some EU channels (ARTE) that use strange H.264 encodings for progressive video. This broke in 671.

2) Improvements for ignoring certain types of WTV corruption.

3) Improved ability to detect AAC, both ADTS and LATM, in an transport stream that doesn't have a program map. These files should open much quicker as well.


Beta Build 673 has been posted.

1) Fixes for Tivo transport stream resulting from recent Tivo set-top software update.

2) H.264 sync issues when editing BBC files due to changes in the way BBC encodes their H.264 files.

3) Improved audio playback with H.264 preview.


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Beta Build 673

There is an issue loading files with this version. We hope to be posting a new version later today.


Beta Build 675

1) Fixed smart editing encoder initialization error when the source file has an incorrectly encoded Profile / Level. This will fix PlayOn HD files.
2) Improved support for AverMedia encoded HD and SD files.


Beta Build 676

1) Recoding audio & authoring DVDs with 2-pass encoding would hang.
2) Fixed bug in H.264 stream processing when source stream was corrupted in a specific manner.


Beta Build 678

1) Improved resizing quality when converting HD to SD.
2) Other fixes, please see release notes, above.


Beta Build 679 is now available.

Please see release release notes, above, for changes.


Beta build 680 is now available.

Please see release notes, above, for changes.

For those who want to take advantage of the faster H.264 recoding option.
  1. There are really only 3 speeds, the top three settings map to "ultrafast", middle 4 to "fast", and bottom 3 to "slowest"
  2. Supposedly the speeds trade off quality vs speed. I.e. Fastest has slightly lower quality. However, quality doesn't seem that noticeable for the recoding that I've done, which is mostly from MPEG2 to iPad.
  3. The default for current and previous versions has been the middle setting "fast".
  4. On a fast Core I7, when changing from fast to ultrafast, we've seen the encoding speed, as measured by frames / second, increase by 50% to 75%.
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